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How to Increase Rise of Kingdoms Alliance's SDA Quickly

It’s no secret, my friend, that RSS or SDA is very much needed in the Rise of Kingdoms game. Not only for players, but also an alliance requires a lot of natural resources.

For players, SDA such as Food, Wood, Stone and Gold can be used to upgrade building levels, train troops, heal troops, and research technology at the Academy. All players need RSS/SDA.

how to add sda alliance rss alliance

Likewise, the alliance’s SDA which is still the same consisting of Food, Wood, Stone and Gold must be collected. SDA in alliances is useful for expanding territory or territory by building flags (Alliance Flag) to alliance forts (Fortress).

Especially when the Lost Kingdom event or KvK event takes place, an alliance must prepare a lot of natural resources. For KvK 4 onwards (Season of Conquest), there is one additional RSS that is Crystal. Read: How to Get Crystal Rise of Kingdoms.

So how to increase the alliance’s natural resources quickly? Here’s a simple guide:

1. Farming within the alliance territory

For example, your alliance is identical to the blue territory, so you have to farm to collect SDA in the alliance area so that SDA in the Storehouse or warehouse is collected.

That’s why in the early days of the formation of a Kingdom, we are prohibited from farming RSS/SDA in other alliance territories and vice versa, don’t let other alliance citizens farm in your territory.

This is the goal so as not to hinder the progress of an alliance. To collect SDA in the early game is very difficult, it takes a lot of active and compact players to obey the orders of officials or alliance leaders.

Notes: Farming Gems in the territory has no effect on the alliance, it’s just that members get a 25% Gathering Speed ​​buff.

2. Build a Flag at the Resource Point

Resource Points are the alliance’s passive SDA storehouse, and produce a limited number of RSS feeds within an hour. Check the following screenshots:

add skirt alliance sda
SDA Alliance “Stone” Increases 1500/hour

The example in the picture above Resource Point Stone Deposit, it means the alliance is named [S~LN] will get 1500 stones/Stone per hour from there just by building the flag and the RSS point must be in the alliance area when building the flag.

That’s why an alliance must expand its territory not only by multiplying random flags but also having to include as many Resource Points as possible.

These RSS Points are referred to as alliance SDA passive income. To find out whether it has increased or how much the progress has been, please check here Alliance > storehouse.

3. Active Players Add Alliance Credit

One of the most important RSS or SDAs is called Alliance Credit, this is like the word alliance coin (Silver Coin) which we often use to get a Rise of Kingdoms passport at the Alliance Shop (Alliance Shop) or buy teleport items, speedups, VIP Points and so on.

Alliance Credit is also useful for building flags, forts (Fortress) and create alliance barns or resource centers (RSS Pit) for members to collect natural resources at once.

There is also a way to get yellow alliance credit, all members must actively help each other, press the Help button, then get also from the top-up prize chest of the alliance member. Also check: Rise of Kingdoms Birthday Gift.

Anyway, there are many member activities and activities that can add credit to an alliance, so if you are an R4 or R5 (Official and leader) alliance, recruit active players so they can help each other progress faster.

Like that, the discussion this time about how to increase the natural resources of the Rise of Kingdoms alliance requires cohesiveness in playing the RoK game, all players in a kingdom must work together. There is no such thing as a solo player, that’s what makes this game unique.