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How to Get Rid of Notifications While Playing Games on Mobile

How to Get Rid of Notifications While Playing Games

Playing games is fun and exciting, but there are also a lot of annoying things like when an annoying notification pops up on the screen. These notifications include chat or incoming calls.

Of course this will interfere with the concentration of playing games and sometimes even make us accidentally press the notification button that appears which makes the game exit to the main page.

For some people, notifications that appear when playing games are not a problem, but for gamers who play games such as Mobile Legends, PUBG, and other games that need continuous focus, of course they will feel disturbed by the appearance of notifications on their cellphones.

So, for gamers who are really steeped in online games, of course, they need to know about how to block notifications when playing games, so that they can make gamers more focused and feel comfortable when playing.

Therefore, in this article BugisTekno will share information on how to turn off notifications or notifications that appear when playing games on a cellphone. Let’s see the following tutorial.

2 Ways to Disable Annoying Notifications While Playing Games

In this article, there are two ways that I will explain to get rid of annoying notifications, the goal is to be an alternative if you can’t do one of the methods, because not all brands and types of cellphones have the same notification settings.

So, if you don’t find the notification settings in the settings menu, then you can use the way to get rid of the notifications with the help of third-party applications. Let’s go straight to the tutorial.

1. How to Remove Notifications Through the Settings Menu

Actually, every Android device is equipped with a notification feature that can be adjusted as desired, so users can activate or deactivate it at any time according to certain conditions, such as when they don’t want to be disturbed or while playing a game.

However, sometimes the notification settings are located differently, so if you’ve looked in the settings menu but can’t find it then you can do the second method.

  • Open Menu Arrangement.
  • Then select menu Notifications / Notifications.
  • Then activate the menu Do not disturb.

With the method above, the cellphone will no longer display notifications even though there is an incoming chat. So, when you don’t play the game anymore, you just have to turn this feature off again.

2. How to Get Rid of Notifications with App Help

Although it is quite complicated because they have to download applications, users can of course also enjoy various interesting features related to disabling notifications, for example, such as turning off notifications when charging, or notifications when the phone is low. So, you need to know that the number of notifications can also drain the battery usage on the cellphone.

  • Download the Notification Blocker & Cleaner application on the Playstore.
  • Open the app, then give permission application so that the application can work.
  • Then enter the menu Notification Cleanerthen click Clean All.
  • Done.


Notifications are a feature that is of course very much needed in order to be able to find out quickly when a chat or call comes in, but in certain situations users also need to disable it in order not to interfere with activities on a cellphone that require focus, such as when playing online games.

So this article is about how to get rid of annoying notifications or notifications when playing games on HP. May be useful.