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How to Get Mobile Legends Redeem Code for Free

How to Get Mobile Legends Redeem Code

Hello ML-ers, back again with BugisTekno, so in this article I will discuss how to get Mobile Legends redeem codes for free.

Before going into the discussion, you already know what the redeem code is, right? So, the redeem code is a series of numbers and letters that we can exchange for certain prizes in the game.

The prizes vary, ranging from battle points, skins to diamond mobile legends. Yep, especially this gift, of course, we can get it for free.

The question is, how to get the mobile legends redeem code. Well, that’s my goal on this occasion, which will tell you how. Therefore, just take a look at the following reviews.

Tips on How to Get Mobile Legends Redeem Code

1. Watch the ML Tournament Live Stream

As the most popular game today, Mobile Legends always holds major events or tournaments worldwide. Now, during the event, Montoon always distributes attractive prizes in the form of redeem codes via tournament streaming.

Well, that’s where you can find free redeem codes that can allow you to get great prizes. For example, like in the MSC tournament, MLBB loyal viewers have the opportunity to get prizes of up to tens of thousands of diamonds and also epic skins through the redeem code.

So, try to watch big tournaments often, because there will always be attractive prizes that you can claim via the redeem code.

2. Join the Giveaway

Furthermore, how to get a free redeem code you can also do through participating in a giveaway. Yep, now there are many streamers or social media accounts that always hold giveaways with skin or diamond prizes sent in the form of redeem codes.

The method is also very easy, usually you will only be asked to tag your friends, or share the giveaway. So, for those of you who want a free redeem code, then you should try this method.

3. Search on Google

Yep, one of the easiest ways to find the mobile legends redeem code is by searching on google. Yep, it’s just that the redeem code available on the website is sometimes invalid or some even share fake redeem codes just for adding visitors.

But, if you really think it’s okay, just try it, but don’t expect more. Moreover, the ML redeem code usually has a time limit and there are also some that are only used once.

How to Redeem Mobile Legends Redeem Code

Well, for those of you who already have or get the redeem code and don’t know how to exchange it, then please see the method below.

  1. Open your mobile browser application, then visit
  2. After the page opens, please enter the redeem code in the column Redemption Code.
  3. Then, follow by enter ID your Mobile Legends account, then click the button Send.
  4. Please immediately open your Mobile Legends, then check inboxthen write down the code.
  5. Then then enter the code in the column Verification Codeand finally click the button Redeem.
  6. Done, please check your in-game inbox again to claim the prize.

If there is a message indicating that it is invalid, it means that the redeem code you entered is no longer valid.

Well, that was the article on how to get the ML redeem code for free and how to claim it. May be useful.