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How to Free Migration Rise of Kingdoms Without Passport

How to free migration in Rise of Kingdoms? – Migration is a process of moving our city/CH and our playground from a server kingdom/kingdom to another Kingdom.

Normally, the migration in the game Rise of Kingdom requires a lot of requirements that must be met. One of them is: RoK . Passport Pagemy friend must have a sufficient number of passports.
how to free migration rise of kingdoms rok

In addition, you must meet other requirements, both from the system determined by Lilith, to the immigration from each kingdom that has different policies.

Why Rise of Kingdoms Free Migration Is Interested

The answer is yes because it’s free. Who doesn’t want free? Usually, if you want to migrate, you need a lot of passports, depending on the amount of power in the account/character.

The higher the power, the more passports are needed. Currently, there are only two ways to get a passport in RoK: Buy the “New World (New World)” bundle, or use alliance coins (Individual Silver Coin).

Make F2P and Low Spender, the first method is usually burdensome. While the second method, which is using alliance coins, takes a long time and requires a player to grind alias online every day for several hours.

But we won’t discuss further about getting a free passport and alliance coins here, because it’s already been discussed. What will be discussed is how to do a free migration in Rise of Kingdoms.

Specific Account Only

So this Kibezaka admin experienced himself. Because of busyness in the real world, I only had time to login to the main account. There are 4 farm accounts, all of which I abandoned.

It turns out that after logging in or logging in again, there is a notification notification or some kind of “Welcome Back” aka “Welcome Back”. They give rewards if we complete the missions and tasks given.

These missions are only available on accounts that haven’t been logged in for a long time, then log back in. Such as joining alliances, beating barbarians, farming RSS, and so on. One of them is Free Migration.

How Long Does Not Log In To Be Eligible

Starting in early December 2022 when I started my vacation from work, and returned again in early January 2022. For more than a month I didn’t log in to the four farm accounts.

When I login on my work PC, my four farm accounts get a free migration offer from Lilith. As stated in the image at the beginning.

Even the RoK system gives me a choice of a destination kingdom along with its current ranking or ranking.

But I definitely didn’t take it. Considering the kingdom where my main account is located will soon undergo KvK in two weeks, so I need SDA/RSS intake from the four farm accounts.

RoK Free Migration Terms

The first requirement is clear, as I just said, not logging in consecutively for 1 month or more. Second, it’s a matter of power limit.

Many say that only certain powers can get free migration offers in Rise of Kingdoms. However, for all my farm accounts, the average amount of power is 9M (9 million) and the largest is 19M (19 million).

So I personally don’t know the specifics. But you can try it yourself if you want to get a free Rise of Kingdoms migration, by not logging in for a month.