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How to Edit Photos Using Suits Easily on Android Phones

How to Edit Photos Using a Suit on an Android Phone

Hello guys, how are you all, hopefully in good health always, this time the admin will share a tutorial on how to easily edit photos with a suit on an Android phone.

Having a photo wearing a suit for men or women is of course very important. The reason is, these photos are often needed for various purposes, such as applying for jobs, entering college, even for processing marriage documents.

However, it turns out that there are still many people who do not have a photo with a suit. By reason of not having time or also because they do not have the suit.

But don’t worry, thanks to the sophistication of today’s technology, you can already have a photo with a suit with just an Android smartphone. The method is very easy, in fact you only need to prepare a photo of ordinary clothes that can later change as if you were wearing a suit.

Then, how? For that, let’s look at the following review.

How to Edit Photos Using a Suit on an Android Phone

Before getting into the steps of how to do it, make sure you have prepared an upright photo of you with your face facing the camera. For the matter of free clothes only. If so, let’s go to the stages of how to edit photos using the following suit.

1. Remove Photo Background

The first step you have to do is remove the background or background on your perpendicular photo. Especially for photos for women who use the hijab. The goal, so that the edits look more presentable.

In this tutorial, the admin took an example of a photo on Google to be edited wearing a suit. Well, as for the method, please download the application on the Play Store. After open click Upload Image then select your perpendicular photo in the gallery.

Removing Photo Background

Wait a while the application will detect and remove the photo background. If so, click the button Edit then select tools Erase to remove body parts from your photos. Do it slowly so that the photos look neat.

Removing Photo Background 2

If so, click the icon Save in the upper right corner to save the photo without the background.

2. Merge Photos with Suits

After removing the photo background, then next you combine it with a suit. Well, in order to get maximum results, you can look for an image of a suit on that suits your needs.

Once it’s open, you just need to type suit in the column provided, the site will display several picture results that you can choose from. All you have to do is download and save it to your cellphone gallery.

Taking a Picture of a Suit on PNGEgg

If you already have one, then all you have to do is combine your photo with the suit. As for how you can use an application called LogoPit Plus which is available on the Play Store. After you install it, please open the LogoPit Plus application, then select Canvas Logo or Poster.

Next, enter the picture of the suit that you have prepared by selecting the icon Camera at the bottom, then select Add Image. Do the same to enter Photo which you have removed the background.

Next, you only need to adjust the size between the suit image and your face photo by sliding the photo border line. Then combine them properly.

Merge Photos with Suits

3. Adding Background Color

If you have managed to adjust the size between the suit image and the photo and have combined them properly, then the next step is to add a background color.

At this stage you can add a background color as desired, depending on your photo needs. Well, in this tutorial the admin will add a red background color. As for the method, it’s still on the Logopit Plus application.

Please click the icon Paint at the bottom, then adjust the color you want by dragging the tools to the color options. If you have clicked the Check button.

If you have done all the adjustments correctly and fit, then all you have to do is click the icon Save in the lower right corner to save the photo. Make sure to save it with a large size.

Add Photo Background Color

4. Crop (Crop) the Side of the Photo so that it is Neat

Since the photo that the admin uses has a cut at the top of the hijab, of course it is necessary to cut off the side of the photo with the aim of tidying up the edit.

In this tutorial, the admin uses the default editor from HP only because the problem of cutting or cropping is a common feature of every brand of Android phone.

On the gallery menu, click the icon Pencil, then shift the line according to where you want to cut. If you have clicked Save.

Cropping the Side of the Photo to Make it Neat

Done, that way you can edit photos wearing suits on your Android phone. So, when you need a photo wearing a suit at an urgent time, you don’t have to bother anymore to go to a photo studio and such. Because through Android phones you can also edit photos wearing suits easily and practically. The results are not competitive enough.

Well, if that was the review on how to edit photos using a suit on an Android phone. Hopefully useful and good luck.