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How to Download Korean Dramas on Android Phones for Free!

How to Download Korean Dramas for Free on Android

For teenagers, especially women, Korean dramas are films that provide a storyline that makes the feeling of being baper infinitely high.

What’s more, the average Korean drama players are beautiful and handsome, making you feel at home watching it. Although the intensity of the release of Korean dramas is quite frequent, but still they all have interesting stories to follow.

Well, for those of you who are confused about where to download Korean drama movies, here BugisTekno will tell you how to download Korean dramas on Android.

Here’s How to Download Korean Dramas for Free on Android

According to experience, when I was interested in the character Kim Mi Young (Jang Nara) in the movie Fated to Love You, I tried to find a Korean drama film that also starred the artist.

Well, when I found various movie titles, I searched for a movie download site and found and then downloaded the movie through that site.

The quality of the films downloaded from this site is of very good and clean quality, especially since there are Indonesian subtitles so you don’t have to bother looking for subtitles anymore.

Even though I only downloaded 1 movie entitled One More Happy Ending. However, if that is enough to provide a reference for you, this site is one of the recommendations for downloading Korean drama films.

Here are the steps on how to download Korean dramas on Android:

  1. Open the Chrome application on your Android then visit the URL
  2. Please select the drakor film you want, then scroll down until you find a list of download links.
  3. Specify the video quality, for example 540px then select one of the available sharing services, for example Zippyshare.
  4. When a new tab appears, just ignore it, and click the button again until the safelink page appears.
  5. On the safelink scroll down and then click the button again I’m Human repeatedly while ignoring the new tab ads that appear.
  6. Furthermore, when the page has marked Your link is almost readyplease scroll down and click the button Get Link until the link directs to the Zippyshare site.
  7. The last step you just click the button Download repeatedly even though the ad continues to appear on a new tab until there is info the download has started running.
  8. Done, all you have to do is wait for the download process to finish then you can enjoy drakor movies via your Android phone.
How to Download Korean Dramas on Android

Besides RatuDrama, there are other services to find complete Korean drama films from the beginning to the end. The websites are and

Please open the web if you haven’t found the drakor film you want to find. Regarding the method, it’s more or less the same, namely you also need to go through a fairly complicated ad barrier.

So this article is about how to download Korean drama movies for free via Android phones. I hope this helps.