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How to Download Friends' WhatsApp Video Stories on Android Phones

How to Download Video Story WhatsApp Friends on Android

WhatsApp is the most popular social media application today, this is inseparable from the various features available and the ease of using it.

In the WhatsApp application, everyone can interact in various ways, one of which is by sharing their daily stories with all their contact friends who are often referred to as stories.

When viewing a friend’s WhatsApp story, surely you will often see a video story that attracts a friend’s contact that makes you want to save it. However, because you are reluctant or embarrassed to ask directly, you cancel the intention.

Take it easy, because there is a way you can do to save WhatsApp story videos to your Android gallery. In the following, BugisTekno will discuss how. Therefore, read this article to the end.

How to Download Friend’s Whatsapp Video Story on an Android Phone

To save a friend’s WhatsApp story to the Android cellphone gallery, you need a third-party application called Story Saver for WhatsApp.

This application can render the entire story of a contact friend and provides a download feature to save the story. Well, for those of you who can’t wait, let’s follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Story Saver for WhatsApp application, then install it as usual.
  2. Open the application, a list of friends’ WhatsApp stories will automatically appear in the application.
  3. Next select menu Videos to download WhatsApp stories in video form.
  4. Then select a friend’s WhatsApp story that you want, then click the icon Download on the bottom.
  5. Done, that way you have successfully saved your friend’s WhatsApp story to the Android cellphone gallery.
How to Download Video Story WhatsApp Friends

Well, with the tutorial above, you have managed to save a friend’s WhatsApp story video at any time. So, if you find an interesting story that you really like, then this method you can do to download the video story.

That’s the article this time about how to download a friend’s WhatsApp video story on an Android cellphone. May be useful.