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How to Delete an Alliance in the Latest Permanent Rise of Kingdoms

how to delete the rise of kingdoms alliance
This article answers a question from a reader about how to delete the Rise of Kingdoms alliance in Alliance RoK exit posts. The RoK Alliance could be permanently deleted, but since the abuse case, Lilith changed the concept of deletion.

If you wanted to delete an alliance in the RoK game, it was only a few taps, tick-tock-not finished. Now, since R5’s position has been abused by players to delete alliances, the policy has been changed.

Yes, many players who have fallen victim to their alliance were suddenly deleted by the Leader (R5) without the members’ knowledge. Upon investigation, the Alliance Leader’s account had been taken over by an irresponsible person.

How to Remove Rise of Kingdoms Alliance

Before deleting an alliance, make sure your friend is the holder of the R5 position or Leader / Leader in the alliance to be deleted. Don’t forget to also tell other members so they don’t get confused later.

If you all agree and understand your decision, please follow the guide to removing alliances in Rise of Kingdoms:

1. Login to the RoK game, on the navigation tab directly select Alliance.


2. Tap the gear icon on the left side to enter the settings dashboard menu (Settings).


3. Here you will find the Alliance Disbandment button, please select it from the menu.


4. A notification will appear that there is a countdown of 8 hours before it is completely disbanded.

5. If you are sure, type in the column provided with the keyword DELETE or DELETE depending on the language in the RoK game that you are using.

URGENT: The countdown to the dissolution of this alliance is a new system from Lilith to prevent the alliance from being disbanded without the approval of the majority of other players.

Only users with the position of Leader/Leader (R5) can delete an alliance. For Officer (R4) there will be no option to disband the alliance in point 3 earlier.

Consequences of Disbanding the Alliance

Buddy has approximately 8 hours since the confirmation on point number 6 earlier, to save the alliance in the event of a coup. Anyone can apply to be a leader and cancel this deletion before the countdown ends.

On the other hand, if the specified deadline expires, the alliance will be deleted automatically and the alliance credit will be deleted or reset to zero. So reconsider.

It is very rare for players to delete an alliance if they are in an old kingdom or a kingdom that is formed more than 4 months and above. Even if the alliance is not used, it can be filled with a farm account.

Why is that? Deleting the alliance is the same as resetting all of the alliance’s technology, whether for farming or for war. The term is a pity, that’s why you should consider it again. Unless the alliance is still relatively new, it hasn’t been a week.

That’s a guide on how to delete the Rise of Kingdoms alliance, which is very rare unless it’s Civil War RoK in their kingdom, usually players are reluctant to hand over their throne to someone else.