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How to Create a TikTok Shop Account, to Sell Online!

How to Create a TikTok Shop Account

Hola guys, I’m back with Mimin BugisTekno, this time I’m back with the title of an article that is currently hot in the Tiktok world, as for how to create a TikTok shop account.

Curious? For you Tiktok users, lately, in your FYP, you must have seen videos about online shops, selling products, just like the other online shopping platform, right?

The difference is that on Tiktok it is peppered with interesting videos. Well, that’s the latest feature of the Tiktok application, namely Tiktok Shop. With the Tiktok Shop feature, users can sell their own products or share links to other people’s products, such as the online shopping platform on the Shopee application.

As sellers in an era where everything is digital, we are required to always be creative and keep up with the times. Likewise, the business world (sales of products and services) can be marketed anywhere so that it can be sold in the market with various marketing accessories.

One of them is marketing products by making videos and then linking your store product sales or sharing product links. By paying attention to the alignment of videos and selling products so that people are more interested in buying your products.

Well, for you TikTok users who are still confused and wondering how to create a TikTok Shop on your TikTok account. Here’s how,

How to Create a Tiktok Shop Account

Here are the steps to create a TikTok Shop account:

  • Please open the TikTok Shop Seller Center website, or click the following link Then, select “Using your Tiktok account to register a Tiktok Shop”.
  • Next, enter your registered mobile number, if you have received a verification code, enter the code then click Log in.
  • Then, Verify contact information by filling in your email address and verification code. Then click Next.
  • After that, a page will appear where you can enter a description of your store by filling in the address and mobile number that is still active.
  • To be able to upload products, you must first upload your KTP on the Homepage menu, click Verify Documentsthen click Upload Documents.
  • Then the Seller Information will appear in the form of the type of business and the name of the store that you can choose according to the type of business and the name of your store.
  • After that, select Verify Personal Information which you can do using your KTP or passport.
  • Then, click Add File and enter a photo of your ID card if you choose to upload your ID card. Then, click Submit.
  • The process has been completed, you just have to wait approximately 1 day for your TikTok Shop account to be verified by the TikTok system.
  • After receiving verification, your TikTok Shop is ready and you can directly upload your selling products on your own TikTok Shop.

Now you can make sales on TikTok directly without the need to leave your potential buyers out of the app.
Happy selling and being creative in making video content, so that everyone is interested in buying your product.

Those are the steps to create a Tiktok Shop account. How are you guys? It’s easy, right? Hopefully useful, thank you (: