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How to Create a New Mobile Legends Account on the Same Mobile

Many Mobile Legends players still don’t know how to create a new Mobile Legends account using the same phone. Even if you delete this Mobile Legends game, you still can’t create a new account. If you reinstall again and log in, it will still be logged into your old account. So, how to do this ?

There are several reasons to create a new Mobile Legends account. For example, regarding wanting to streamline the win rate, wanting to focus on one hero or even wanting to have multiple accounts. You can also do this method to login to more than one Mobile Legends account on one device.

It is very suitable if you really open a jockey service and buy and sell Mobile Legends accounts. However, for the specifications of the cellphone that you need to be able to log in with various accounts on this one cellphone, you should use specifications that have 4 GB of ram and a minimum of 32 GB of internal.

How to Create a New Mobile Legends Account

How to Create a New Mobile Legends Account

source : Personal Documents

Because usually it will still be linked to the old email account, then you should just delete your old email. Enter the email settings, it will display all the emails linked to your device. Then just delete the emails that you won’t use.

Once deleted you can create a new email account, or you can also login with another email. Then you should delete the game and reinstall it.

Before reinstalling, you should just copy the game data in the android folder in the internal file manager. This is so you don’t re-download game data, even though Mobile Legends game data can be up to 2 GB more.

Just move the data to another location, then backup the apk as well. After that, reinstall the game and copy the data to the data folder in the Android folder. After that, open the Mobile Legends game and a tutorial will open like the beginning of creating an account. This is if you create a new account. If you only change it, you should use the options in the settings in the Account settings. Then select change account or change server. Because indeed each account will be placed differently on each server.

Tutorial on Installing Two ML in One Phone

How to Create a New Mobile Legends Account

source : personal document

If this one option will create 2 Mobile Legends games installed on one cellphone. You can use the parallel space option, or use the android emulator for android and can use multiple applications.

Like creating two social media accounts on one cellphone, the concept is still the same and only duplicates the application.

If you are using a xiaomi phone, then you can easily duplicate apps without the help of third-party apps. Or you can also use the concept of two spaces, where in one phone you seem to have 2 Android phones.

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With this feature you can install Mobile Legends in each room. Even these two spaces are online at the same time. To be able to use two Mobile Legends accounts at the same time, you should pay attention to the phone’s internals. Because indeed Mobile Legends data can reach more than 2 GB.

If it’s the easiest and simplest without the need to install more than one for data and the Mobile Legends application, you can log out and enter your account by saving your game account in your Google Play Games account. But it depends on which way you want to choose. The rest there are advantages and disadvantages of each option.