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How to Check BPJS Employment Balance Easily

How to Check BPJS Employment Balance

For those of you employees who are registered with BPJS Employment, of course, you can check the BPJS Employment balance at any time. However, sometimes there are still many who don’t know how to easily check BPJS Employment balances.

Actually, checking the BPJS Employment balance can be done directly by visiting the nearest BPJS office. However, for those of you who have a lot of work, of course, there is an easier way to check BPJS Employment balances that you can do.

Well, here the admin will share several ways that you can take apart from visiting the BPJS office.

How to Check BPJS Employment Balance

1. Via Website

The first way to check the BPJS Employment balance is through the official BPJS website. To do this, make sure you first register by creating an account on the official website. But don’t worry, it’s not difficult, just follow the steps below.

  • Please open the BPJS Employment website at
  • If you already have an account, just log in, if not click User List.
  • Next select Segment Of course, there are 3 choices, namely PU (Wage Recipients), BPU (Non-Wage Recipients) and PMI (Indonesian Migrant Workers).
  • Enter too E-mail you are active then click Sendthen check your email for account verification.
  • If successful, then you can login to get all the information including the BPJS balance that you want to know.

2. Via SMS

In addition to via the website, there is another way that is easier and more practical to check the BPJS Employment balance. As for that is via SMS. However, this way you also need to register first before you can check your balance. As for how to do it, just follow the steps below.

  • Register yourself by sending a message using the following format:
    • BALANCE LIST#(ID card number#Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY)#Participants’s number#E-mail (If there is)
  • Then, send the sms format to the number 2757.
  • After the registration process is complete, you can immediately check your balance via SMS to the same number with the format Balance
  • That way, you will get an SMS reply in the form of the BPJS Employment balance information that you need.

3. Via the JMO App

In addition to the two methods above, there is a more practical way to check the BPJS Employment balance. As for that is through the JMO (Jamsostek Mobile) application. For more details, please refer to the following steps.

  • Please download the JMO application on your Android phone, you can find it on the Play Store.
  • Then, enter the email address and password used to log in.
  • After entering the main view click Pension planthen select Balance check.
  • Later, the BPJS Employment balance will appear on the cellphone screen.

How, easy isn’t it? That way you no longer need to bother checking balances in conventional ways such as visiting the BPJS office.

Those are some of the ways you can choose to check your BPJS Employment balance. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are curious, how much you have paid and various other information. Good luck.