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How to Change Photo Background in Minutes!

How to Change Photo Background in 1 Minute

In the current millennial era, the need to change the background or photo background is very important. When applying for a job, for example, a passport photo is one of the requirements for the completeness of the file that requires a photo of a certain background color.

There are many software that can be used to change photo backgrounds, but of course it takes time to edit. Then, what if an urgent situation requires a passport photo with a certain background color?

Well, in this article BugisTekno will discuss the solution to this problem by sharing a tutorial on how to quickly change the photo background in just a few minutes.

Quick Way to Change Photo Background

Changing the background of a photo generally requires software or other photo editor applications, whether it’s editing on a cellphone or on a computer.

Unlike in this tutorial, uniquely you don’t need to use software or editor applications to change photo backgrounds. Enough with internet access only.

Well, if you can’t wait, let’s get into the tutorial on how to quickly change the following photo background.

  1. Open the Browser application, be it on your cellphone or computer. Then open the URL
  2. Once open, click the button Upload Image then specify the photo you want to change the background.
  3. Wait a while for the website to process the photo background removal. If so, then click the button Edit to add a photo background.
  4. Determine the photo background according to your wishes, you can also add an image from the gallery as a background on the photo or simply choose a color.
  5. After adding a photo background, the last step is to click the icon Download in the upper right corner.
How to Change Photo Background without Application

Done, that way you have succeeded in changing the photo background quickly even in a matter of minutes. It is very important, especially for those of you who suddenly need to change the background to fit photos as files or other things.

So this article is about how to change photo backgrounds easily and quickly in just a few minutes. Hopefully it’s useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends, because sharing is beautiful, thank you.