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How to Change Kemendikbud Quota to Regular Quota

How to Change Kemendikbud Quota to Regular Quota

The government through the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) has now distributed assistance in the form of internet quotas for students. This is intended to help the learning and teaching process run smoothly in the midst of the current pandemic.

This internet quota is given free of charge or free to all students and teaching teams who have been registered. Of course, we need to appreciate this government program because it is very helpful, especially for those who are not sufficient.

However, the assistance in the form of internet quota has indeed been programmed with access restrictions. This means that not all activities on the internet can be done, such as browsing, downloading, and playing games. Of course, this makes the use of the quota less than optimal.

In fact, there are still many activities on the internet that we need. But don’t worry, because BugisTekno has a trick that can change the Ministry of Education and Culture’s quota to a regular quota. Curious? Come on, let’s look at the following trick review.

How to Change Kemendikbud Quota to Regular Quota

As we all know that the Ministry of Education and Culture’s quota has access restrictions. From my experience, I can use this Kemendikbud quota to chat on WhatsApp, Telegram or also watch YouTube.

However, when I try to open Chrome to access the web, I can’t use this quota. Then trying to open the game also can’t.

So, if you are also experiencing this problem, then you are in the right article. Please see how through the steps below.

  1. Download the AnonyTun application on the Play Store for free and then install it as usual.
  2. Open the application, then click menu STEALTH SETTINGS in the upper right corner.
  3. Activate Stealth Tunnel ONConnection Protocol SSLConnection Port 443.
  4. Then click menu EDIT SSL SETTINGS. Then give Tick True SSL (Anti DPI) and Spoof Host:Port.
  5. In the Spoof Host field, enter www.whatsapp.comthen on Spoof Port enter 443then click OK.
  6. After everything is done, then click the button CONNECT.
  7. If an ad appears, please exit and wait a while until a lock icon appears in the corner of your cellphone screen.
How to Change Kemendikbud Quota to Main Quota

Done, please try browsing or other online activities that you previously couldn’t access.

If you still can’t access it or just suddenly can’t access it for a while, then please go to airplane mode and then reactivate it. That way, you can already enjoy the Kemendikbud quota as a regular quota.

In conclusion, I have tried this tutorial and it has proven to be 100% successful according to my personal experience who also received a Ministry of Education and Culture quota for Telkomsel operators.

That’s the article this time about tricks on how to easily change the Telkomsel Kemendikbud internet quota to regular quota. May be useful.