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How to Add Address Link to Instagram Bio

Adding Address Link in Instagram Bio

Hello guys, back with us Mimin BugisTekno, this time Mimin wants to share tips and tricks, one of which is how to add an address link in the Instagram bio.

Instagram is one of the social media that has more than 1m+ downloaders. This image-based social media platform is widely used by users as a means of entertainment, information, and sales promotion.

Currently Instagram can display an address or location link in its user’s Instagram bio. This feature is very beneficial for Instagram users who are starting or developing their business through one of Instagram’s social media.

As we know, Instagram has now become a medium for marketing products. We can easily start selling online just by using an Instagram account.

Now Instagram accounts are divided into 2, namely, accounts for personal use and business accounts. The feature of adding an address or location to the Instagram bio is only available if a personal account is converted into a business account, with the aim that customers or potential buyers of a product can easily find or know the address or location where they will buy a product.

In business account mode, an email button and phone number feature is also available, making it easier for buyers to contact the business account directly, without bothering to ask for the phone number or email of the business account owner.

If you already have a business mode Instagram account, here are the steps to add an address or location to your Instagram bio:

  1. First, of course, open the Instagram application.
  2. Enter menu Profile on your business account.
  3. Select menu Edit Profileafter that tap option Contact.
  4. Then enter your address, in the options Business Address.
  5. On the edit profile menu, tap profile view, switch on show contact info.
  6. Done, the address link in your business account bio has been displayed.

Those are the steps to add an address or location link in your Instagram business account bio. I hope it’s useful, thank you (: