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How to Activate the Cancel Match Feature in Mobile Legends (ML)

For solo players, it is necessary to know, here’s how to activate the cancel or invalid match feature in Mobile Legends (ML), note guys.

Did you know that in the current Mobile Legends game there is a new feature where players can cancel matches when in draft pick mode.

This feature will automatically appear while in the draft pick process but with terms and conditions that must be met.

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Regarding this, SPIN Esports will discuss how to activate the invalid match feature properly and correctly.

How to Cancel an MLBB Match

Mobile legends cancel match feature
Photo via YT Naf Lampard

Once again, we emphasize that this feature will be present automatically when in draft pick mode, the system will later detect the draft pick of your team’s hero.

If the draft pick of the hero is not correct and the winning percentage is very small, this feature will automatically appear and you just have to agree that the match will be canceled. But there are terms and conditions other than that.

Here’s the complete way:

  • Login to your MLBB Account
  • Play rank mode either solo or duo.
  • Direct matchmaking.
  • Now, during the draft pick hero process, if your team picks more than two mages, more than two tanks or more than two fighters, and so on, features will appear whether you want to continue or leave the match.
  • If you leave then you immediately leave the match and cancel it, if it continues then you will immediately play as usual.
  • Done.

Also keep in mind that this feature only exists for players with Legend rank and below. Players who have reached Mythic rank and above will not find this feature.

So this feature is really very useful for solo or duo players who often meet random players in Mobile Legends.

That’s how to activate the cancel match feature in Mobile Legends (ML), this feature is automatically activated if Moonton detects an irregularity during the hero pick draft process.

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