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How Long Does It Take To Get Free Legend Skins for Mobile Legends?

Surely the majority of you are wondering about how long does it take to get a free legend skin on Mobile Legends?

Previously the skin legend itself was the highest skin caste in Mobile Legends. This skin is the most expensive and very good skin and can only be obtained by spending a lot of money.

But wait, this legend skin can also be obtained for free! Not from giveaways, gifts, events and some of them you can get this legend skin for free or free through in-game Mobile Legends.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

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Is it possible? If possible, how? Of course you can spinners, even this method is commonly known by veteran MLBB players. You just need to be patient, wait a few years.

Here’s the complete procedure for getting a legend skin in Mobile Legends.

Free Legend Skins MLBB

Gusion Legend

The way to get a legend skin for free in Mobile Legends is to collect as many magic wheel potions as you can.

This method is commonly done and known to veteran Mobile Legends players. So they must already know how long it will take to get this free legend skin.

In detail, to get a legend skin, the only way is gacha on the Magic Wheel or at a separate event that Moonton sometimes presents.

Now for this gacha it takes tens of thousands of diamonds plus you have to make the magic points into numbers 200 max so that you can get an item called Magic Crystal which can be exchanged for a legend skin later.

But there is a way to make it free, that is, you have to collect as many Magic Wheel Potions as you can. You can get this Magic Wheel Potion item in various ways such as starlight, top up event, new skin event and so on.

Magic Wheel Mobile Legends (2)
source: Mobile Legends

Now this magic wheel potion will be used for free gacha at the Magic Wheel event, so your magic points will increase as you often use this magic wheel potion to gacha.

How long does it take to reach 200 magic points using a magic wheel potion? The answer is dependsbut generally you it only takes 3-5 years.

This time can increase or decrease depending on each of you who intends or not to collect magic wheel potions. Because these items are very important to get this free legend skin.

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