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Horrorfield Thrilling Multiplayer Horror Game

Horrorfield is a terrible multiplayer horror game. In this game you will play with other players in real-time. You can choose to play as a deadly serial killer or escape as a survivor. It’s all up to you, this game will remind you of the movie Friday the 13th, feel the horror of a killer character like Jason.


In this game there are various survivor characters that you can choose, namely:

  • BASKETBALL PLAYER : can escape from the killer faster than other players.
  • DOCTOR: Heals himself and other victims.
  • ️ENGINEER : can repair generator and make armor and weapons faster.️
  • THIEF: has the ability to stealth and high agility to hide from serial killers.
  • MERCENARY: brave warrior who is not afraid of psychos.
  • SCIENTIST: can upgrade military equipment and spread his aura of wisdom to other survivors.
  • POLICE: can catch the killer.

The goal of the survivors is to join forces, develop a team strategy, and escape the evil lair where psychopaths reign. You’ll be hiding online, rescuing friends, combining various skills and items to outlast the killer hunt.

J️Explore the lair where the serial killer is, repair all generators to turn on the power and unlock the exit gate.

Here is a choice of 4 different psychopaths, each with unique skills and different hunting styles:

  • BUTCHER: destroys the generator to prevent the victim from escaping.
  • ️CULTIST : a cursed monster who has escaped from a mental hospital and wants to sacrifice the survivors.
  • GHOST: can penetrate walls like a true poltergeist and frighten its victims.
    Hungry werewolf monster
  • BEAST: which can turn into a bloodthirsty wolf.

The goal of the psychopath is to catch the victim hiding in the dark maze and commit murder. Here the psychopath fights four survivors who are trying to escape. Chase and catch them so they don’t escape.


Horrorfield is a horror game that can be played with other players randomly. This game has a gameplay that is quite simple and easy to understand, players only need to do their roles in this game, very suitable to be played in their spare time.