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Horror! This is the Synergy of Magic Chess Makes You Auto Champion 1

Magic Chess Synergy Makes Auto Champion

There are many types of synergies in the Magic Chess game that you can create. Of course, with the right synergy composition, you can get 1st place easily.

Since there are quite a lot of Magic Chess fans at the moment and it is always being contested, this time BugisTekno will provide a good Magic Chess combo and a big chance to win. Let’s see how the synergy combo is below.

Tips for Making the Most Powerful Magic Chess Synergy Combo

Since I am also a fan of the Magic Chess game mode, therefore I will share my experience regarding a good synergy combo.

If you want to compete in a Magic Chess competition or tournament, you can use this synergy combo as an alternative for you to use.

Before going into the synergy combo explanation, you should know that Magic Chess also needs a hyper hero. That is, a hero that you excel at to attack large damage to the opponent.

So, this Magic Chess, isn’t just for synergy combos, guys. You also need a main hero that you need to strengthen. As for the synergy combo I mean Cadia Riverlands, Guardian and Venom.

Cadia Riverlands can provide additional attack speed to random heroes and shields. Then for the guardian, which is to add 170 physical defense for your guardian hero. And for the synergy Venom will give poison effect to the opponent and reduce the opponent’s heal.

Of course, with this brief explanation, you already understand the advantages and disadvantages of the synergy combo. So, this synergy combo is perfect for you to make for opponents who create synergies for fighter, assassins, marksman, mecha era, or other physical synergies.

However, the weakness of this combo is mage synergy. So, it’s a good idea to know so that it can be taken into account if you see many opponents making mage synergies.

Even so, if it’s not so weak, because this combo has a venom synergy that can strengthen your attack, so come back again with star gains and your hero’s blessing.

Cagunom Synergy Combo Arrangement and Tips for Making It

Well, here’s the lineup of heroes that you have to make to make a synergy combo of Cadia, Guardians and Venom or in the term I gave, Cagunom.

Cagunom Magic Chess Synergy Combo Arrangement

The list of heroes is:

  • Akai, Grock, Belerick (Guardian)
  • Akai, Chang’e, Chou, Wanwan, Luoyi, Zilong (Cadia Reverlands)
  • Grock Harley, Gusion, Hanabi, Angela (Venom)

Not all lists of these heroes will be used by you. However, you can make some backups. To maximize this synergy combo, you have to look for blessings and additional synergy items in the fate box.

This is so that you can activate the hero synergy without using all the heroes that have the synergy. For example for Belerick, if you get additional guardian synergy on Grock or Akai, then you don’t need to use Belerick. Likewise for other heroes.

Then, as I said earlier, that you also need a hyper hero in Magic Chess mode. For hyper heroes, this synergy combo is Grock. In the middle of the game, you should focus on raising Grock’s level to 3 stars.

Then in each fate box, you prioritize taking Cadia synergy items if there are any. This is so that you can activate cadia synergy on Grock so that Grock can use 3 synergies at once. And the rest of the damage and defense items.

If the explanation above is complete enough and can make you understand how to play better, especially in using this Cagunom synergy combo.