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Here's the Painful Eudora Build in 2022

Eudora, is being the prima donna at the moment. How not, you don’t need a fast hand or a mechanical fight, the enemy can immediately “disappear” from civilization or die. In fact, an enemy who is not mentally strong will be affected by his mental condition and will tend to want to press the surrender button rather than having to continue a useless fight and will lose. Build Eudora is also currently very much a conversation. What are the most painful builds of eudora? Check out the reviews below.

Build Eudora Sick 2022

Here's the Painful Eudora Build in 2022

The selection of build items greatly affects how a team can win the match. Including in the case of the sickest Eudora build that you should know. Eudora is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who occupies the Magic role with a specialization of Crowd Control or Burst Damage. In addition, Eudora has also become one of the most feared heroes by Mobile Legends players.

1.Arcane Boots

As a midlaner or support, Eudora also requires sufficient damage intake in the early game. Therefore, Arcane Boots can be a solution to repay damage during the early game. The additional +15% Magic PEN is also quite good to support the Magic DMG items that you will collect.

2.Genius Wand

The next item is the Genius Wand which will be very suitable for midlaner heroes or DMG support heroes like Eudora. Because, not only does it provide extra Magic PEN, this item also has a Magic RES reduction effect on the enemy. Therefore, it can make the Genius Wand synergize with other core items, namely Divine Glaive.

3. Clock of Destiny

The next core item that you should know about is the Clock of Destiny. This item is also known for its DMG, Mana, and HP stacking effects so it is very suitable for Hero Mage who need sustainability throughout the game like Eudora.

When the stack is full, Clock of Destiny will give a total of 115.5 Magic DMG, 900 Mana, and 915 HP. However, this does not include the 5% Magic Power bonus, where the number is affected by the item you are going to build. If you use this item, don’t be surprised if Eudora has very sustain DMG from the beginning to the end of the game. Especially if the supporting items such as Holy Crystal and Lightning Truncheon are complete. Then this hero will immediately kill the enemy!

4.Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal is one of the Magic DMG items that has given the greatest additional damage, which is 100 Magic DMG. However, that does not include the passive effect that can increase the damage scaling based on the Magic Power of the user. The increase is also very high so that it can make the user’s DMG Burst even bigger.

Heroes who have high damage scaling like Eudora will certainly benefit greatly from this item. Because, increasing Burst DMG will increase the chance to produce a one shot one kill attack.

5.Divine Glaive

This Divine Glaive had actually gotten a reduction beforehand. However, the Divine Glaive nerf at this time will only apply to the Advanced Server. Nerf on this item is also proof that Eudora is getting OP.

The reason Moonton has given a nerf to this item is also fairly reasonable. because, this item is absolutely forbidden because it has dealt very painful damage to the enemy. Due to the very high Magic PEN effect, even with the enemy’s Magic RES scale.

In addition to increasing the number of +40% Magic PEN users. In addition, the passive effect of Divine Glaive has also given an additional 0.1% Magic PEN which has a 1 point scale of enemy Magic RES. That is, the greater the enemy’s Magic RES, the greater the Magic PEN of the user of this item.

6.Winter Truncheon

In the late game, Eudora is often kidnapped as the enemy’s strength becomes stronger. Moreover, Eudora does not have the same range of skills as Yve, Chang’e, or Pharsa so it will be more difficult to penetrate enemy defenses.

With the neutralizing effect of Winter Truncheon, you seem to have additional “life”. Make sure you use this effect when hit by enemy attacks. Because, after the enemy releases his skills, then you counterattack by using your one shot one kill combo.