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Here's How to Overcome WhatsApp Cannot Video Call

How to Overcome WhatsApp Cannot Video Call

We all know that WhatsApp not only provides chat services, but also telephone and video call services. Video calling is a feature that is quite in demand by users because it can meet face to face when communicating.

However, in enjoying the video call feature, there are also some users who have problems when video calling using WhatsApp, so they cannot enjoy the feature properly.

But take it easy, if you are one of the users who have problems not being able to video call via WhatsApp. This time BugisTekno will discuss the solution how to overcome it. So, just take a look at the following review.

How to Overcome WhatsApp Cannot Video Call

1. Restart Smartphone

When you experience problems when you are or just want to start a video call, either it can’t connect or because the video call stops suddenly, then the first thing you should do is restart your smartphone.

By restarting the Android smartphone, the entire system in the device will be refreshed, where if previously there was an error or application crash, it will recover.

2. Clear Data and Cache

One of the causes of the problem of not being able to video call on WhatsApp is the accumulation of data and cache files, especially in the WhatsApp application. The accumulation of these files can hamper the performance of the smartphone so that various problems can occur, including not being able to make video calls.

For that, please delete the data and cache files on WhatsApp by going to the menu Arrangement > Additional settings > Application Management > WhatsApp > then Clear Data and Clear Cache. After that, try to make a video call again.

3. Reinstall

If you have applied the second method but still can’t make video calls, then next you try to uninstall your WhatsApp application. Then download and install again.

This is to avoid file crashes or errors in the WhatsApp application so that some features cannot function properly.

4. Check Internet Quota

To be able to make video calls, of course, we need internet quota or a WiFi network. So, if you have tried the three methods above but haven’t been able to, you should first make sure your internet quota is still there or not.

Because this is the main factor so that we can connect and communicate with friends or relatives.

5. Check Network Speed

You need to know that to be able to communicate via video calls, we need a fast and stable network. Because if the network is slow then of course it is difficult to connect, and even not at all.

For that, make sure the cellular operator you are using has fast and stable internet access, if not, then you should change to a good and fast cellular operator in your area.

So, those were some tips on how to deal with the WhatsApp application not being able to make video calls. Hopefully useful and good luck.