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Here's How To Make Android Phones As CCTV Cameras

How to Make Android a CCTV Camera

CCTV camera is a camera that is used to monitor activity in a certain location. In general, CCTV cameras are found in busy locations such as supermarkets, banks, offices and others.

However, sometimes there are also people who need CCTV to monitor their personal location because there may be valuables or other things. But, of course, this CCTV camera is not cheap.

Don’t worry, you can alternatively use your Android smartphone as CCTV. How could that be? Yep, thanks to technological advances, we can now use Android for various purposes. Therefore, consider the following tutorial review.

How to make an Android cellphone as a CCTV camera

To make an Android cellphone as a CCTV camera, you need 2 Android smartphones. This is because you need to monitor and one more of course as a monitoring camera.

An illustration of how it works is that you will see all screen activity captured by the Android camera which is the monitoring camera. If you only have 1 cellphone, you can also use a computer to be a monitoring screen.

If you can’t wait to try it, please follow the steps below:

1. On the First Android Phone (Monitoring Camera)

  • Download the IP Webcam application on the Play Store and install it as usual.
  • Open the app, then open Video Preferences. Change Video resolution to 640×480. The goal is to reduce server load.
  • If so, please return to the main menu, scroll down and select menu Start Server.
  • When the camera appears, please note the IP address that appears at the bottom. For example
  • Just let it go, then proceed to the tutorial on the second device which is the monitoring screen.
How to make Android as CCTV

2. On the Second Android Phone (Monitor Screen)

  • Open the browser application or google chrome, then type IP address which you noted earlier in the address bar, then Enter.
  • After the IP Webcam page is open, all you have to do is change the Video renderer menu to Browserthen to enlarge the monitor screen select Fullscreen again.
  • Then you will automatically see the camera capture on the Android cellphone which is the monitoring camera.
  • Please place the Android phone (monitoring camera) in the right location so that it can capture the location you want.
How to make Android a CCTV monitoring screen

How, make it easy? That way, you have succeeded in making Android a CCTV camera. So, when you need to monitor a time, then this method can be an alternative for you to do.

And you need to note that for the monitoring screen stage, you can also use a laptop if you only have one Android. Just open the browser and follow the instructions above, then you can also monitor using a laptop or computer.

So this article is about a tutorial on how to make an Android cellphone as a CCTV camera. Hopefully useful and increase your knowledge.