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Here's How To Get Cheap Venom Skins Through Mobile Legends Events, Really Easy!

Here’s How To Get Cheap Venom Skins Through Mobile Legends Events, Really Easy!

It seems that there are still many who don’t know how to get Dyrroth’s cheap Venom Cobra skin through the Mobile Legends pre-sale event.

Only 1 day is left for you (as of March 29, 2022) to get this skin at a very cheap price, which is 499 diamonds from the normal price of 899 diamonds.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

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Who doesn’t want to get this cool Dyrroth skin for almost 50%. Here, SPIN Esports will show you the steps to get this cheap skin.

Steps to Get Cheap Venom Skin in Mobile Legends

  • Game Login
  • Enter Event Menu
  • Select Pre-Sale (The image below will appear)

source: Mobile Legends

  • Choose Pre-Order (may be 20 or 40 diamonds)

Venom Pre-Order
source: Mobile Legends

  • You need the help of friends to exchange so that less diamonds are needed
  • Per day you can ask a lot and a maximum you can only help 5 of your friends

source: Mobile Legends

  • You can also get extra from having a Dyrroth hero (10 diamonds) and using the skin (use a trial from pre-order for a reduction of 20 diamonds)
  • Finished

It’s quite easy and simple, you just need to make sure you have lots of friends who help you so that when this skin is released you will get a very cheap price of 499 diamonds.

Hope it helps, just the last day, try your best so you can get Dyrroth’s Venom Cobra skin at a low price.

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