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Here's How to Buy the Newest Wanwan M-World Emote Custom Action!

Here’s How to Buy the Newest Wanwan M-World Emote Custom Action!

The Wanwan M-World skin has arrived in Mobile Legends. You can buy it from now on, although you can later buy this skin with a diamond promo starting on April 28, 2022. For those who can’t wait, you can just buy it because there is a 30% discount.

But for those of you who don’t know this skin comes together with the custom Action Emote M-World Wanwan.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

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For those of you who want to get this, here’s how to buy the custom Action Emote Wanwan.

Must Buy M-World Wanwan Skin First

Wanwan Action Emote
source: Mobile Legends

You can’t buy this MLBB Action Emote directly without having a new Wanwan skin because this skin can indeed only be used when you use the latest Wanwan skin and cannot be used for other Wanwan skins.

Price Action Emote Wanwan

Based on the calculation of the skin and emote that costs 714 diamonds (has been reduced by heroes).

For the skin itself, which has a price of 574 diamonds (release discount), we can conclude that the price for this emote from Wanwan is 140 diamonds.

It’s quite expensive for one emote, but considering this is a custom action emote and not an ordinary emote, it’s only natural, because usually the price for one emote is around 99 diamonds or 109 diamonds (MPL emotes).

So, in conclusion, to buy this Wanwan action emote, you need to have the Wanwan M-World skin first, right.

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