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Here's the Diamond Promo You Need To Buy Skin!

Here’s the Diamond Promo You Need To Buy Skin!

You definitely know that the 515 Mobile Legends event is currently running where there is a diamond promo as the main prize.

Why is that? Because through the diamond promo you can buy all items in the shop for 1 blue diamond (paid).

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

Indeed, you could say it’s not 100% free, but if you can buy items, especially skins you like, with only 1 blue diamond, it’s certainly a very pleasant thing.

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Talking about this, how many diamond promos do you need to get the desired skin?

Turns out you only need this

Promo diamond mobile legends 2021
Photo via yt aria muhammadd

We will describe one by one regarding the available skins and later we will also provide recommendations for the latest skins for you to buy in the 2022 diamond promo this time.

This calculation is without looking at the existing discount.

  • Lightborn Skin Series = 1089 diamonds (need 1088 promo diamonds)
  • Epic Shop = 899 diamonds (need 898 promo diamonds)
  • Special = 749 diamonds (need 748 promo diamonds)
  • Elite = 599 diamonds (need 598 promo diamonds)
  • Normal = 269 ​​diamonds (need 268 promo diamonds)

In conclusion, you only need to reduce 1 diamond from the total price. You can only use the diamond promo without other diamond discounts, Spinners, so don’t miscalculate otherwise you definitely need more blue diamonds (paid).

Diamond Promo Skin
source: Mobile Legends

You can start exchanging your diamond promo starting April 28, 2022 until May 3, 2022, don’t miss it because it can be forfeited.

Hopefully later there will be a discount so you can use less diamond promos to buy the skin you want.

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