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Here are the Best Players for Each Season of MPL Indonesia!

Here are the Best Players for Each Season of MPL Indonesia!

Through a new post on MPL ID Season 9’s Instagram, all players who won the title of first team or best player for each role were revealed.

Starting from MPL ID Season 1 to Season 8. I’m curious who will be the best player for each season.

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Player of the Season MPL ID

Here SPIN Esports will provide a review.

MPL ID Season 1

Best Player MPL ID S1
source: ig

For season 1 there are 5 players for each role, namely Assassin, Mage, Fighter, Marksman and Tank.

And those who get are Jess No Limit, Lemon, Arss, Tuturu and Donkey. Incredible yes. Lemon was indeed very reliable at that time with his Kagura, as was Tuturu with his MM heroes.

MPL ID Season 4

Best MPL ID S4 Player
source: ig

There is no definite role, but here are the five names chosen, namely Celiboy, Donkey, Rekt, Vyn and Lemon.

We know at that time still using the two support/tank method.

MPL ID Season 5

source: ig

This time based on the latest roles, namely Tank, Support, Midlaner, Sidelaner and Offlaner. It’s been 3 seasons Lemon has been on the list of the best players. For this fifth season, Lemon is the best midlaner.

For other players, there are LJ (best Tank), Luminaire (best Support), Branz (best Sidelaner) and R7 (best Offlaner).

MPL ID Season 6

source: ig

Once again, Lemon became one of the figures on the list. The difference this time is that he enters with a new role, namely sidelaner.

Meta has changed a bit because now there is a jungler role that Sanz won, then there is R7 for offlaner. Tank and Support is filled by the duet Alter Ego, LeoMurphy and Udil.

MPL ID Season 7

source: ig

There has been a slight change in roles, and this season EVOS has risen again and won, although there is one position that RRQ Hoshi’s player has obtained, namely Alberttt as jungler.

The rest are Clover (goldlaner), Antimage (offlaner), Luminaire (midlaner) and Rekt (roamer).

MPL ID Season 8

Best Player MPL ID S8
source: ig

The eighth season is back with the leveling of the best players. Starting from the entry of Nino as the best goldlaner. Then there is Antimage again to be the best explaner. Then there is Drian as the best midlaner.

And RRQ is back as the best jungler and roamer from Alberttt and Vynnn.

Overall, it’s interesting to see Lemon shine so much because it entered 4 times, followed by Antimage, Luminaire, Alberttt, Rekt and Vynnn who got two times.

For your information, why there is no season 2 and season 3, according to some sources, this is because that season is indeed the strongest season of RRQ O2 (Season 2) and ONIC Esports (Season 3).

Who do you think will be the best player for the ninth MPL ID season?

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