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Gusion Mobile Legends Build Structure is the Worst 2022

Build Gusion Mobile Legends Hurts

Hello guys, back again on your favorite site BugisTekno, so in this review the admin will discuss about the most painful Gusion Mobile Legends build structure that you can use in playing.

But before that, let’s discuss a little about the Gusion hero picture so you can play more optimally. So you need to know, guys, that Gusion is one of the heroes with job assassins, where he will act as an executor in the team.

That is, you have to attack the weakest enemy when fighting a team, such as a marksman or mage. If you fail to fulfill the task as an executor, you will definitely become a burden on the team.

Therefore, as job assassins, you have to understand the basics, guys. Then, you also need to know the build so you can maximize Gusion’s damage when attacking enemies. For that, let’s look at the following review of the Gusion build arrangement.

Gusion Mobile Legends Build Structure Hurts

As a hero assassin, Gusion is also a hero who is quite difficult to use. Users must be able to play quickly when using their skills. In fact, if you make a slight mistake, you can be sure that you will fail to kill the enemy.

But on the other hand, if you are already agile and proficient in using Gusion, then don’t be surprised if you can get a large number of kills. Especially by using the hurt Gusion build, then you can definitely control the game.

The combo skill for hero Gusion in attacking is 2-3-2-1-1-2. So, of course you have to press the skill combo quickly, guys.

Well, let’s get straight to it, here is the list of the most painful Gusion builds that can support your game so that it’s easier to kill enemies.

Build Gusion Hurts

In addition to the build, the admin has also prepared emblems, talents and spells. Then, for Gusion’s positioning, you can use it as a hyper carry or side lane.

So, if you use it for hyper then you definitely use a spell Retribution. Then to use it as a side laner, then you use the Execute spell so that it can help you execute the enemy if his HP is left when you attack him.

Well, maybe that was a little explanation regarding the Gusion hero and his sickest build which was very helpful for you to make it easier to kill enemies. Hopefully useful, if you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends, thank you.