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Guide and Tips for Playing Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers is an RPG by Fortnite developer Epic Games. This is a fairly standard example of the genre, with you collecting from hundreds of different heroes before battling different monsters.

Combat is automatic, with the main action consisting of breaking a bunch of blocks to reveal treasure and enemies, which your hero will then destroy in a burst of color. The usual elemental strengths and weaknesses appear as well, as does the hero’s star rating.

In this guide and tips, I will help you understand the Battle Breakers game. Here’s a guide and tips for playing Breakers:

1. Start a game with Tessa

When you first start the game, you will be faced with a battle with a group of heroes that you don’t know. After the battle, you are required to choose one of three heroes that you want to start, there are Laric the Tank, AOE Spellcaster, and Tessa the Boss Killer.

You are free to choose who you like because you will be able to balance the team later when you start recruiting more heroes, but it is recommended that you use Tessa because she can kill Bosses and quite a lot of enemies she can fight.

2. Build a Balanced Team

Once you’ve formed a team, it’s important to start deciding on roles and elements. There
There are five slots in your regular team, with the option to invite a second commander from one of your friends. The five slots are better for you to fill with a combination of Support, Tanks, and DPs. So, you won’t be able to choose early in the game because you don’t have many heroes to choose from, but whenever you have a new recruit, try to consider whether the hero you chose has the right role in your team.

3. How to Recruit More Heroes

In Battle Breakers, recruiting heroes can be a bit tricky compared to what you’re used to since they don’t use the gacha system here. So you can only spend a certain number of gems to get a random hero, you have to go through various recruitment methods. When you head to the Chest, you will see the Basic Chest, Elemental Heroes Chest, and Heroic CHest, none of which contain actual heroes that you can recruit. Instead, they contained all sorts of things, including Magic Tickets and Core Heroes Traces. These chests can be purchased using gems, the premium in-game currency.

Magic Tickets can be used in the Hero Store to purchase certain heroes. The higher the hero’s rank, the more tickets you need to unlock. Core Hero Traces, on the other hand, can be used to unlock Skybreaker quests that will lead you to trapped heroes that you can rescue. These two ways are the most consistent ways to recruit heroes. Heroes can also be given as rewards in quests, special events, and daily login.op

4. How to Level Up

Get victory by winning the battle. And, the game will give you player EXP. Player EXP is required to level up – unlock building upgrades. In the lobby, at the top center, the game displays the progress levels. Repeat the previous step over and over
again to get EXP. So this is all in this Battle Breakers guide for beginners. Let’s look at the tips, tricks, and strategies of Battle Breakers.

  1. Don’t play in auto mode; play manually to win close combat
  2. Position heroes wisely; tank class (heroes with melee weapons) ahead
    line and ranged heroes (with ranged weapons) in the second line
  3. Choose commanders wisely; Some hero commander skills can improve
    whole team
  4. Limited Reveals; Don’t reveal all crystals at once because it will be more difficult to fight all enemies in one room at a time. Destroy one by one to fight all enemies in one room at a time. Destroy one by one.
  5. Take advantage of elements; Dark and Light Elements deal additional damage to each other, Nature > Water, Water > Fire, Fire > Nature. Choose enemies that have elemental weaknesses against certain heroes on your team to deal additional damage
  6. Tap the Gear icon in the top right corner and check the instructions for Battle Breaker Wiki
  7. Keep an eye on the event for more
  8. Collect and upgrade heroes to make them stronger
  9. Repeat the previous step to grind material items
  10. Build and Upgrade buildings in Battle Breakers
  11. Choose perks wisely as you level up

5. Strengthen Your Own Hero

Apart from leveling up your hero, there are other ways to increase it. These are all found in the Upgrade your hero of choice. Here’s a quick way to level up your hero:

  • Elixir – This is a consumable item that you can give your heroes to increase their stats. There are elixirs for ATK, HP, and Mana. Each hero can only drink a certain amount of elixir. The higher their rank, the more elixir they could handle.
  • Gear – Even if no equipment drops in the game, you can still strengthen your hero’s weapons and armor using the ores you get from the Mines. The maximum upgrade of your equipment is determined by your Crystal Forge level.
  • Evolve – Evolution greatly increases your hero’s stats and is unlocked at player level 35. Your chosen hero must meet the level requirements before you can evolve. Evolution also requires Gold, Resources, and Elemental Essences.
  • Promotion – This increases the rank of your hero. It is unlocked at player level 50. Apart from allowing your heroes to consume more damage, Promotion also increases their maximum level and increases their Special Skills.
  • Skills – Your hero’s special skills can be upgraded to increase their effect. Upgrading skills requires experience. Skills can be gained by playing through stages.

6. Manage your Perks

Every time you level up, you have to choose a Perk that will increase your attributes. Perks are also unlocked as rewards in events, quests, and the Monster Pit. There are 8 Perks available in the game. Check out the list below to learn more about the 8 Perks:

HP – Increases the maximum health of your hero.
DEF – Increases your hero’s defense.
Pet – Increases the health and power of your pet.
ATK – Increases your hero’s damage output.
Basic ATK – Increases damage from normal attacks.
Special ATK – Increases damage from offensive skills.
Regen – Increases health and mana regeneration rate. Regeneration occurs when the board
element matches the hero element.
Mana – Increases the maximum mana of your hero. It is only available by leveling up
Your Pit Monster.

7. Hero Guide for Battle Breakers:

  • Hero has four types of skills – Basic, Passive, Commander, and Special
  • Basic Skill– based on character class
  • Passive Skill – Activates automatically
  • Commander Skill – Strengthen the team
  • Use hero XP to level up heroes
  • The star rating displays the overall strength stats of the hero, the higher the star a hero has, the better the stats/strength
  • Equip / Upgrade the hero’s gear to make it stronger
  • Promote/evolve heroes to make them stronger

8. Unlock New Hero

Unlock new heroes as often as possible: Whenever you get a hammer, use the hammer to break crystals and get a new hero. It may just help you create a more balanced or stronger team.

9. Participate in special events
Special events can give you rare gifts. Participate in special events as often as possible to get more heroes, resources, and more.

10. Rewards from fighting in Battle Breakers

  • EXP – To increase the player’s level. As players level up, you can upgrade buildings
  • Hero XP – To level up the hero
  • Ingredients – To upgrade the hero
  • Hero traces – To unlock the Skybreaker Quest for hero elements
  • Ninja Stars – Battle Pass currency
  • Gems – Premium currency, can be used in shops

That’s the guide and tips for Playing Battle Breakers. If you know of any other guides and tips to share, please leave your comments below.