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Google Announces "Play as you download" feature is coming soon

Google announced plans for a feature called ‘Play as you download’ for Android, a feature that allows you to play games as you download them, so you can play games that are currently being downloaded even if the download isn’t 100% complete.

This is a familiar feature to all console users out there. The way the “Play as you download” feature works is actually quite simple. This feature takes advantage of Android’s Incremental File System to use core resources, which are then used to play games. While various game files that are considered not very important, will be downloaded later.

Apart from that, this feature seems very useful and practical and should reduce the impact of the inevitable increase in space that mobile games are starting to use. While Google hasn’t revealed an actual release date for this functionality, they have promised it will be coming soon. It states that this feature will only be available for devices running Android 12, Google’s latest OS, and any system that will come after it.