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Google Announces 2022 Indie Games Festival Winners

Indie games are one of the most enjoyed game genres across platforms as they bring out something new and are made with hard work and creativity. So it’s important to appreciate the developers for the effort they put into their games without the support of a big, well-known studio.

The Indie Games Festival 2022 event is an event officially organized by the Google Play Store that rewards the best games released for Android in certain regions. However, for the 2022 event, the winner of the Indie Games Festival has been announced.

Indie Games Festival 2022 Winner

The event was held virtually in South Korea, Japan, and Europe this year. The winners for each region as announced on their official blog are as follows:

1. Europe

Indie Games Festival 2022 Winners from Europe

  • Bird Alone (George Bachelor from England) – A puzzle game that allows you to interact with the loneliest birds, making you ponder the great mysteries and unanswered questions of life, including life, death and other existential thoughts.
  • Cats in Time (Pine Studio, Croatia) – is a relaxing game that allows you to find the hidden cat of the inventor of the time machine.
  • Gumslinger (Itatake, Sweden) – An action shooter game where you play as a sticky candy and race to see who can draw their gun first.

2. Korean

Indie Games Festival 2022 Winner from Korea

  • CATS & SOUP (Hidea) – A charming cooking simulation game that invites you to cook with bobcats, build facilities, develop recipes, and sell dishes.
  • Rush Hour Rally (Soen Games) – driving that allows you to participate in private (but illegal) racing rallies and escape the cops who want to bring your event down.
  • The Way Home (Concode) –Dungeon explorer where you play as a cute pixel-style character who has to explore different levels to find his way home.
  • Users’ Choice – Animal Doll Shop (Funnyeve) – Funny and addictive tycoon game.

3. Japan

Indie Games Festival 2022 Winner from Japan

  • Mousebusters (Odencat) – A retro pixelated horror adventure title.
  • Quantum Transport (ruccho) – A puzzle that transcends time and space with ruccho.
  • Survivor’s Guild (aso) – A survival/escape game set after an earthquake.

Those are the games that were selected from the 2022 Indie Games Festival Final nominations. This is a good event to recognize indie game developers from several countries. Game-The games listed above are this year’s festival winners and any Indie game fan might find some new favorites here.