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Get a Free Divinity Skyboard FF Skin by Completing This Mission!

Get a Free Divinity Skyboard FF Skin by Completing This Mission!

To welcome the arrival of the first short animated film from Free Fire (FF), an event was presented along with free gifts that are sure to attract attention.

Yep, the event titled Free Fire Tales was specifically presented to inform players about films that tell the character of Hayato in depth.

Currently, Free Fire Tales has arrived in the game and several free missions are waiting for players to offer cool prizes.

One of the prizes you can get is a cool Skyboard with the same skin edition as the Evo Gun MP5 which was just present on the Faded Wheel some time ago.

If you are curious, let’s check out the following article to find out how to get the Divinity Skyboard FF Skin for free!

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Skin Divinity Skyboard FF

Skin Divinity Skyboard FF

Yep, Divinity Skyboard is one of the Platinum Divinity skin series which is also present in several other Free Fire items.

This skin has a combination of colors and also an elegant appearance, of course it makes you look cool when using it in the game later.

You can get the Divinity Skyboard skin in the Free Fire Tales event by carrying out a mission that is arguably not so difficult.

Players are asked to play in the Clash Squad Ranked mode in a certain number which will start from 22 to 30 April 2022.

To be able to get a series of prizes including the Divinity Skyboard FF skin in the mission to play in this Clash Squad Ranked mode, you have to play up to 12 times.

As reported by, here are the details of the missions and prizes that you can get:

  • Played Clash Squad Rank 2 times: 2x Dr. Beanie Box
  • Play Clash Squad Rank 5 times: Divinity Skyboard
  • Play Clash Squad Rank 12 times: 4x Incubator Voucher

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That’s a cool Skyboard skin that you can get in free missions. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube we.