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Garudaku Esports Academy is Officially Present, Ready to Develop Ecosystem!

Garudaku Esports Academy is Officially Present, Ready to Develop Ecosystem!

The Garudaku Esports Academy, which is the official esports academy of the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PBESI), was introduced today to the entire Indonesian esports ecosystem, including the world of education, which is the main target of the presence of this esports academy.

Carrying the concept of coaching, learning and training which includes technical and non-technical skills or soft skills.

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The academy involves academics and practitioners in the fields of esports, psychology, public speaking, personal brandinghealth and nutrition, physical fitness, and law as a teacher and compiler of syllabus and learning and training materials.

Garudaku Academy is designed to be an extracurricular activity that does not only provide comprehensive learning and training materials for high school and college students.

However, the Academy can also be a place for achievement improvement and future career development. At Garudaku Esports Academy, they can develop their potential as athletes, casters, or match analyst.

In addition to being useful for students in developing their talents and potential, the Garudaku Esports Academy also organizes a certification program for those who wish to obtain a license as an extracurricular coach of the Garudaku Esports Academy.

Photo via PBESI

Andrew Tobias, Deputy Head of Public Relations of PBESI said that the Garudaku Esports Academy is a strategic program that is believed to be able to answer various challenges related to the development of an esports ecosystem that is not only successful, but also has character and integrity.

He said, to be able to consistently excel on the world stage, in addition to requiring talents with high technical skills, Indonesia also needs talents who are intelligent, have leadership qualities, have sharp analytical skills, have excellent physical abilities, are ready to work hard. team work, mentally tough, and have integrity.

Garudaku Academy will be one of the important contributors to PBESI, especially regarding the mission of fostering early childhood athletes as stated in the organization’s grand design,said Andrew. “That’s why we need a program like the Garudaku Esports Academy and we need full involvement and support from the world of education.”

Photo via PBESI

Responding to PBESI’s expectations, Robertus Aditya Pratomo Putro, S.Sos, MH, M.Ikom., C.Ht, Head of Garudaku Esports Academy Program revealed that in addition to supporting the regeneration process of Indonesian esports athletes from the world of education.

The mission of this academy is also to introduce the world of education to the huge potential of the digital industry, to bridge the world of education with esports as well as to build insight into esports in the education world as a potential career in the future.

Regularly, students will attend 90-minute classes once a week. The materials they learn are 20% Soft Skills, 30% esports theory and 50% esports practice.

To help the school and students know their progress, there will be a monthly report card containing an evaluation of student progress. Learning materials are available on the platform

“Garudaku Academy extracurricular participants have the potential to be eyed by PBESI to become national athletes. Because, periodically they will take part in test matches, class meetings, and have the opportunity to take part in the prestigious Student Cup tournament, “ said Robert.

Positive Response from the World of Education and the Esports Ecosystem in the country

Photo via PBESI

The presence of the Garudaku Esports Academy received a positive response from psychologist, Ajeng Raviando.

According to him, esports industry players such as athletes, castera match analyst, are role models for his age in this digital era.

“It is undeniable that one of the challenges that need attention is character and behavior. The collaboration between Garudaku Academy and the world of education builds optimism for the birth of talented, intelligent in their fields, and commendable characters from the world of esports who can become role models and positive inspirations for the environment,” he said. said Ajeng Raviando

A positive response was also delivered by Gary Anderson, representative of the Marie Joseph sekolah school Jakarta.

He saw that Garudaku Academy was very positive in helping to develop the spirit of leadership, spurring the spirit of competition and sportsmanship, sharpening skills in building strategy and analytics, learning team work, talent development and student actualization, as well as building a future career vision. For the world of education, the presence of the Garudaku Academy is also in line with the concept and policy of Merdeka Learning.

Meanwhile, Debora Imanuella, Senior Vice President of UniPindisclose, “From the perspective of the esports industry and ecosystem, Indonesia really needs talents who have the capability to develop esports as an increasingly attractive field with high economic potential and empowerment of the ecosystem. Esports does not only need athletes, but also entertainers, event organizers, managers with good managerial skills, to contributing communities. We hope that the presence of the Garudaku Esports Academy will help answer this need.”

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