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Game Made in Indonesia "Hello Goodboy" Ready to Launch on Steam

Hello Goodboy is a game created by an Indonesian game developer, Rolling Glory Jam, which is ready to be released on PC via Steam, in 2022.

Gamers can already add this game to the Wishlist, so that when it is available, players can get a notification to buy it immediately. This game puts narrative ahead of action-packed game mechanics. So it is more suitable for fans of casual titles, quoted by Sukaon from IGN Southeast Asia, Monday (7/2/2022).

hello goodboy

The developer has provided a leak regarding the minimum PC specs that gamers should have. So when it’s officially released, players can enjoy it more comfortably. Here are the full specifications to be able to play Hello Goodboy on PC.

Minimum PC Specifications for Hello Goodboy

Operating System : Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel i5 Quad-Core
RAM memory: 4GB
Graphics Card: Intel HD 4000
DirectX : Version 9.0

Rolling Glory Jam, previously known through several titles including Rage in Peace and Whats Comes After. Where the background of the place used is more or less the same.

In this game, players will act as Liko and a dog named Coco. The two are looking for a way to fix their past and explore another world. Along the way, they will help every character or problem they come across.

The developer also presents puzzles through minigames, in which the mystery must be solved by Liko. As the main character, he has the ability to repair anything and Coco has a super sharp sense of smell.

Apart from Hello Goodbay, there are a number of Indonesian game titles that will launch in 2022. Starting from A Space For The Unbound, Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly, Afterlove EP, Biwar Legend of Dragon Slayer, Anuchard, Coral Island, Parakacuk: Raise Your Gang, Petit Island, Who Is He: Let Me Out and many more again.