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Free Nocturnal Assassin & Machete Emerald Slice FF Backpack in This Mission!

Free Nocturnal Assassin & Machete Emerald Slice FF Backpack in This Mission!

The holy month of Ramadan 1443 H is in sight, Muslims around the world will be fasting for the next month. Of course this month is full of blessings and rewards for Muslims who run it.

While fasting, of course playing Free Fire will feel more exciting to ward off thirst and hunger from holding back lust.

For this reason, Free Fire itself welcomes this blessed month by holding an event titled Booyah Ramadan.

There, players can reach the achievements of certain missions to get free items and skins, which you can claim immediately after completing the mission.

Skin Backpack Nocturnal Assassin and Machete Emerald Slice FF will be one of the free gifts. Here’s the complete information!

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Backpack Nocturnal Assassin & Machete Emerald Slice FF

Backpack Nocturnal Assassin ff

Of course there will be many prizes that you can get in this Ramadan event. However, the two skins are the most important for you to see so you don’t miss it.

This Nocturnal Assassin Backpack is a rare skin. Players will be presented with a bag in the form of a Japanese-style Samurai sarong.

Meanwhile, the Machete skin looks like a Parang weapon which is quite unique with a fire effect that burns all over the skin.

These two skins can be obtained for free through the Booyah Ramadhan event. The method is also quite easy, you only need to exchange a special token that is in the Booyah Ramadhan event.

Date Tokens can be collected by completing various daily missions such as logging in every day, playing Clash Squad or Battle Rooyale, and various other things that will be updated every day.

The following is the number of tokens that must be collected so that they can be exchanged for main prizes and others at the Sahur Exchange Mission on April 2-14, 2022:

  • 12x Date Token: Backpack – Nocturnal Assassin
  • 6x Date Token: Machete – Emerald Slicer
  • 2x Date Token: Gold Royale Voucher (limit 5)
  • 1x Date Token: 3x Gold Coin (limit 99)

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That’s information about the Free Fire event with free prizes that you are very sorry to miss. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.