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Free! Here's How To Easily Get Legend Skins From Mobile Legends

Free! Here’s How To Easily Get Legend Skins From Mobile Legends

Welcoming the final round of MPL ID Season 9, interestingly MPL ID as the tournament organizer will distribute many free prizes, one of which is the Epic Legend skin.

Skin Legend itself is one type of skin that is very difficult to obtain considering that the skin does have a quite interesting effect compared to other skins in Mobile Legends.

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Therefore, here is a way to get free legend skins from Mobile Legends.

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Only Watch MPL ID Season 9

To be able to get epic limit skins for free from Mobile Legends, you yourself only need to watch the MPL ID Season 9 Playoff round.

Because apart from the skin legend, there are many other prizes that are waiting for you to have.

Now, here are a series of prizes that you can get when you reach the viewing target set by MPL ID.

  • 500K Viewers: Elite Skin
  • 1M Viewers: Epic Shop Skin
  • 1.5 M Viewers: Epic Limited Skin
  • 2 M Viewers: Epic Limited Skin & JBL Headset
  • 2.5 M Viewers: Legendary Skin, Samsung Galaxy A Series & Secretlab MPL Edition

Later all the skins will be distributed via a redeem code that is on the sidelines of the match.

Seeing how easy it is to get it, of course there is no reason for you not to watch the MPL ID Playoff round which will be held today.

All the Playoff round matches themselves can still be watched on your favorite platforms such as YouTube to Facebook Live.

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