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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Can Be Downloaded Now on iOS and Android

Any players who pre-registered for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier for rewards can finally rest. Because in just under three weeks, the first battle royale of this super popular franchise has already surpassed more than 2 million pre-registrations.

Players can have it all now. At launch, every pre-registered player will receive a Chocobo Egg (300,000 pre-registration), Shinra Mask Skin (500,000 pre-registration), Shinra Bike Skin (770,000 pre-registration), Shinra Utility Vehicle Skin (1,000,000 pre-registration). -registration), as well as a Shinra Helicopter Skin for 2,000,000 pre-registration.

FF7: TFS launches globally on November 17, 2022, players can download this game now via Google Play for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

The Chocobo eggs that players will receive can be incubated and hatched at the Chocobo Farm to raise chicken-like creatures that can be personalized and used in battle. The first season of the game also featured Moogle-themed skins. This can be obtained by obtaining a special box containing data items given for defeating monsters. Each new season will feature a different skin for players to get.

First Soldier will also include items from the Final Fantasy VII universe. This includes iconic items such as Nail Bat (sword skin), Umbrella (staff skin), Military Gloves (hand-to-hand skin), Origami Crane (shuriken skin), and Conch Shell Knife (dagger skin), all of which can be purchased with eyes. in-game money Gil.

For your information, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a 75-person battle royale where players fight in Midgar until only one player is standing. This game has a number of weapons including guns, swords and magic that can be used to defeat other players as well as monsters.