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FF Tire Number in March 2022 Decreases, Has Free Fire Cheaters Reduced?

FF Tire Number in March 2022 Decreases, Has Free Fire Cheaters Reduced?

Getting a large number of user bases, makes Free Fire (FF) actually misused by a number of people who are not responsible for destroying the Free Fire gameplay and games by using banned applications.

Some of those players used cheats to gain an advantage whether on the battlefield or not. Ready for that, Garena improved anti-hack causing millions of accounts to be blocked.

Unfortunately, the implementation of this new system is considered less than optimal because many players who do not use cheats are also affected.

Recently, Garena re-released accounts that were banned on Free Fire (FF) in March 2022. Here’s the complete information!

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FF Tire Figures in March 2022

Garena has its own criteria for destroying accounts that are considered to be detrimental to other Free Fire players. Here are the details of the 4 types of cheats most used by these irresponsible players:

  • 36.8 percent: Through the Wall
  • 32.7 percent: Antenna
  • 22.2 percent: Auto-Aim/Headshot
  • 5 percent: Teleport
  • 3.3 percent: Others

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This figure is somewhat decreased if we compare it with before. Considering that Free Fire itself has improved the security system and is merciless to players who are caught cheating.

However, the decline in this number does not ensure that the cheaters have disappeared. The reason is, until now there are still many Free Fire players who access illegal sites and applications.

So, you should act wisely and think again in committing fraudulent acts so as not to harm yourself, Spinners!

Hopefully with this, Free Fire can be even better with players who are honest and uphold sportsmanship in playing.

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Those are some of the causes that can result in your Free Fire account being permanently banned by Garena Free Fire (FF). Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube our.