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FF Redeem Code 18 April 2022, There are Free Diamonds & Characters!

FF Redeem Code 18 April 2022, There are Free Diamonds & Characters!

The skin of an item is very valuable for almost all players in Free Fire (FF). Various attempts were made to get a skin from the item they wanted.

Seeing so much enthusiasm from players, Free Fire also often provides many ways for players to get skins, both free and paid.

There are tons of skin items to get, including surfboards, backpacks, weapon and vehicle skins, and clothes, which are never ending.

The most effective way to get free skins on Free Fire is by following the missions and also exchanging the existing redeem codes.

For those of you who are looking for the FF redeem code for April 18 2022, please exchange the codes below, Spinners!

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FF Redeem Code 18 April 2022

FF Hayato Redeem Code

The following redeem codes are codes from various servers on Free Fire. As for the attractive prizes that you can get in the form of characters to free diamonds.

Hayato Redeem Code

Indonesian Servers

  • FF11 MB2C 3DTG


  • G3MK NDD2 4G9D


But you need to remember, before exchanging the code above, every redeem code has a deadline for redemption, where after the code passes the expiration date, the code is invalid.

In addition, some of the codes above are also intended for certain servers and not all players can use them to get prizes.

How to Claim Redeem Code

First, visit the site in your browser. Log in with your account that is connected to one of the Google, Facebook, VK, Apple, Twitter, or Huawei platforms.

After your account has successfully logged in, three empty boxes will appear that you can fill in with one of the codes provided above. Make sure each box is filled with each of the four numbers and letters of the same code.

Don’t forget to confirm and the prize will automatically enter the Vault Tab in the game lobby.

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That’s the official redeem code that can be exchanged today for attractive prizes! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube we.