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Farmville 3 Officially Launched on iOS and Android

It all started in 2009 with Zynga launching a simple farming simulator called FarmVille that people could play on Facebook. This game immediately attracted attention and became the most popular Facebook game in 2009 with more than 30 million daily active users. Then, in 2022, came FarmVille 2: Country Escape, and other series.

Farming simulation games are booming because of their simple but beautiful gameplay with elegant characters and animals. FarmVille 3 is the result of a franchise, with not only improved graphics and gameplay, but also brings back some of the old characters.

Everyone’s favorite guide, Marie, will return to the farm and she will be there to greet the players as they complete challenges and build their homestead. Joining Marie this time is a new batch of farmer hands with unique backgrounds and skills whose only hope is to help players. They will bridge the gap between games by explaining new mechanics such as farm and farm customization.

“FarmVille 3 immerses players in a visually stunning new FarmVille experience infused with the sense of adventure, social connection and farming passion that hundreds of millions of fans love. We warmly invite a new generation of players to meet the fun new FarmVille characters and the adorable animals that thrive in beautiful countryside full of heart and humor.” says Bernard Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga

This new and enhanced world in FarmVille 3 will feature more than 150 different types of animals such as cows, chickens, and even exotic tigers and fluffy alpacas. There are more than 30 new characters to interact with in a world with dynamic weather that will affect your farm. You can even exchange items with players in a way that benefits both parties.

FarmVille 3 will be an absolute delight for fans and even new players. Download now for free on the App Store and Google Play.