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EVOS Wann Is Back, Return to MPL ID Season 9 and Replace Falah!

EVOS Wann Is Back, Return to MPL ID Season 9 and Replace Falah!

Surprising news came from the EVOS Legends team where this time he will return to fill the MPL ID Season 9 line-up after being upgraded from MDL ID Season 5.

This surprising thing was revealed through the official Instagram of the EVOS team and also MPL ID as follows.

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The news of Wann’s return was certainly welcomed by the fans although maybe some were disappointed that Falah had to play in MDL this season.

As we know that Falah hasn’t played yet and because there are 10 player slots, EVOS decided to exchange it with Wann.

Wann’s performance at MDL did improve after he returned to being a midlaner. Will Wann return to play and swap roles with Luminaire to fill the midlaner for the EVOS Legends team this week?

It’s interesting to wait, especially today, EVOS Legends will compete against Alter Ego, who also recently returned their player from MDL, namely LeoMurphy.

The meeting between EVOS and AE will be even more interesting because both of them have brought in senior players who have returned from MDL. We’ve seen LeoMurphy’s impactful performance, will Wann also immediately be demoted and help restore EVOS’s performance, which suffered yesterday’s defeat?

Watch it soon, Spinners in the second match on Friday, March 25, 2022.

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