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EVOS Pendragon Admits He Had a Trial Offer in This MPL Team!

EVOS Pendragon Admits He Had a Trial Offer in This MPL Team!

The name Sebastian “Pendragon” Arthur is now one of the highlighted players after successfully bringing the EVOS Icon for the first time to become the champion of MDL ID in Season 5.

The reason is, players who had strengthened EVOS Legends for two seasons in MPL ID Season 5 and Season 6 are now starting to show their talents again.

This makes him increasingly predicted to be one of the strongest candidates that will be considered by Bjorn “Zeys” Ong for promotion.

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Got Trial Offers from Other MPL Teams

evos pendragon kaesang
Photo via MPL ID

Although he was scorned when he first joined EVOS Legends, Pendragon is now starting to be hailed by fans.

He himself is often the creator of important moments for EVOS Icon who in the end succeeded in avenging their revenge against Alter Ego X as well as winning the MDL ID Season 5 event.

Looking back some time, Pendragon himself was doubtful, especially since he had high expectations to replace Oura who appeared superior in the MPL ID Season 4.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be beyond the expectations of fans until finally he had to go down to the MDL event and EVOS Legends brought Antimage.

Interestingly, before joining EVOS Legends, he himself admitted that he had received an offer for a trial with Alter Ego and ONIC Esports.

Photo via Nimo TV Oura

“Actually, after being rejected by EVOS, I was offered to other teams as well for a trial,” said Pendragon to EVOS Soa and EVOS Luch.

He also gives a clue if he does a trial with several players close to him.

“Earlier I said that the closest one was Celiboy and Drian, but I said that I was still in school” he added.

This certainly indicated that he had received trial offers from Alter Ego and ONIC Esports.

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