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EVOS Icon Wins MDL ID Season 5, LJ Sets New Record!

EVOS Icon Wins MDL ID Season 5, LJ Sets New Record!

EVOS Icon managed to win a fierce duel in the MDL ID Season 5 Grand Final against Alter Ego X with a score of 3-1, this also avenged last season’s match where they had to submit to Alter Ego X with the same score.

Talking about the first EVOS Icon win at MDL ID Season 5 brought one name to the fore as a new record.

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That’s right, LJ (Champion Subscription) again set a new record after the victory of the EVOS Icon team in the second tier event. This is also the second time the MPL team has won the MDL league. Previously, it was only Alter Ego X that won from the MPL team after previously being dominated by non-MPL teams for three seasons.

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New EVOS LJ record

EVOS Icon Champion MDL Season 5
source: SPIN Esports

The new record is that LJ has added his new trophy after previously being the most player with 4 MPL trophies (nxl, RRQ, RRQ and EVOS).

With this victory, LJ became the second player besides Sanz to win two tournament castes in Mobile Legends, namely MPL and MDL.

He also managed to win this tournament on his debut, very impressive. Indeed, in the final match (same as the last MPL with EVOS) LJ did not play but LJ still had EVOS Icon demoted several times and even had a duet with Wann before Wann finally moved up to MPL to play as a midlaner.

Really, LJ, according to his recent nickname, Subscription Champion, managed to bring EVOS Legends to win MPL ID Season 7 and this time MDL ID Season 5 in his debut. What will LJ get in the future?