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Even though it's the OP, this is the lack of Fanny of AURA Kabuki according to Antimage!

Even though it’s the OP, this is the lack of Fanny of AURA Kabuki according to Antimage!

Week 6 seems to be one of the best weeks so far in MPL ID Season 9 with the closing of a super exciting match between RRQ Hoshi and AURA Fire.

Lasting up to three games, the match was very tough, even in the deciding game, it almost touched 30 minutes.

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Interestingly, in the game there was a high-level mechanical battle between RRQ Alberttt’s Ling and AURA Kabuki’s Fanny.

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Both Crazy

RRQ Alberttt Ling Sawi
source: Doc. Personal

Both RRQ Alberttt and AURA Kabuki, the two players went crazy with their respective favorite heroes.

Even though he was killed twice at the beginning of the game, interestingly RRQ Alberttt can still match gold and even AURA Kabuki’s level.

However, it was Ling who did tend to be stronger in late game eventually came out victorious in the match.

This of course brought RRQ Hoshi more comfortable at the top of the regular season standings for MPL ID Season 9.

Antimage Reveals Kabuki’s Weaknesses

Even though it looks very extraordinary, interestingly AURA Kabuki has several shortcomings when he uses Fanny against RRQ Hoshi.

This was stated directly by EVOS Antimage who witnessed the tense match.

“That Kabuki lost level, lost farming. Kabuki is good at Fanny, it’s just that he rarely farms his jungler,” said Antimage.

The reason is that through statistics that AURA Kabuki is superior by pocketing 3 kills and 2 assists without being killed while Alberttt himself has been killed up to 2 times without recording kills or assists they have the same level and gold.

So, that’s what AURA Kabuki’s Fanny lacks from EVOS Antimage’s point of view. What do you think about Spinners?

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