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Esports Academy ID and Garena Present 1000 Esports Scholarships

Esports Academy ID and Garena Present 1000 Esports Scholarships

In an effort to support the growth of the esports ecosystem in Indonesia in a better direction, synergy and guidance are needed, especially for the younger generation to understand the esports industry as a whole.

DMMX Gamindo Global through Esports Academy ID has officially collaborated with Garena Indonesia to launch the 1,000 esports scholarship program “Garena Esports For All”, which is aimed at middle and high school students in Central Java and its surroundings.

With this program, it is hoped that it can encourage the positive development of esports in Indonesia and produce new athletes with high achievements and quality.

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Awarded Based on Academic Value

Photo via Garena

In line with Garena’s vision and mission to support education in the field of esports, scholarship programs will be awarded to students with academic scores that meet Garena’s criteria.

Garena Indonesia Country Head, Hans Saleh, said: “Garena is consistently committed to supporting the development of the esports industry in Indonesia through initiatives and collaborations with various parties, one of which is in terms of education. I hope that the presence of this esports scholarship program can inspire students to continue to excel, both academically and non-academicly. Garena will continue to strive to encourage the continuity and development of the esports industry in a positive direction in order to produce potential esports talents.”

The focus of the esports scholarship program is on the Free Fire game, which is a game made by Garena and is open to all students who live in Central Java and its surroundings.

Scholarships will be awarded to 250 selected schools and 1,000 students who have the opportunity to take part in a training program on esports at Esports Academy ID.

The opening of the scholarship program will begin in April 2022 and implementation will take place in June 2022.

Students who have the opportunity to receive scholarships will receive training and participate in a tournament which will be held in December 2022.

Photo via Garena

Adityo Rimbo, Founder and CEO of Novus “Seeing the very fast growth of esports and the high interest of young people, of course it must be accompanied by an understanding of games and the esports industry itself. With the collaboration of the scholarship program with Garena Indonesia and Esports Academy ID, it is hoped that it will be able to produce competitive esports athletes.”

Arza Satria Djatmika, Founder and CEO of Esports Academy ID I am very grateful for the collaboration between Garena Indonesia and Novus to collaborate on the first esports academy scholarship program in Indonesia, namely Garena Esports For All, where this can be an opportunity and a forum for esports activists in Indonesia to continue to grow and develop. Esports education through Free Fire game training accompanied by an understanding of ethics and good attitudes about esports, can certainly create a good esports ecosystem.”

The esports scholarship program conducted by Garena and Esports Academy ID is an initiative carried out for the first time in Indonesia because it also includes attention to students’ academic values ​​so that the education pattern obtained is balanced.

It is hoped that this activity can create sustainable programs in other regions in Indonesia.

Budiasto Kusuma, President Director of PT Digital Mediatama Maxima Tbk (DMMX) state “It is an honor for EAID to be Garena’s partner in the Garena Esports For All scholarship program. Hopefully in the future, along with the growing interest of the Indonesian people towards esports, there will be other innovations in the world of esports that will certainly make Indonesia proud. This collaboration will also strengthen the DMMX ecosystem that focuses on the digital content business.”

For schools that wish to register their teams to participate in this scholarship program, please fill out the form at the following link:

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