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Especially for 21+, these are the 5 hot scenes in the film Jakarta vs Everybody!

The following 5 hot scenes in the film Jakarta vs Everybody turned out to have shocked the fans, you know, guys. The reason is, one of the actors in this film, namely Jefri Nichol, has never done this scene in a film that he has starred in before.

Yep, the release of Jakarta vs Everybody was indeed tinged with controversy. This is because the film, directed by Ertanto Robby Soediskam, displays a series of hot scenes from the actors who are very vulgar.

Of the many scenes that invite lust, SPIN has summarized them into 5 based on the views of the audience. Curious? Here’s the list.

5 Hot Scenes in the Movie Jakarta vs Everybody

1. Jefri Nichol in Bed Scene with Wulan Guritno

Hot Jakarta vs Everybody . Scene
Photo: Popmama

You could say, the scene when Jefri Nichol was making love with Wulan Guritno was the most memorable scene for the audience. Even though he is 18 years different from Wulan Guritno, Jefri is able to balance the scene so that the results are amazing.

2. Kissing Scene Between Wulan Guritno and Ganindra Bimo

In the film Jakarta vs Everybody, Ganindra Bimo plays Radit who is dating Pinkan (Wulan Guritno). The two of them were caught on camera several times doing quite intense kissing scenes.

3. Hot Scenes in the Movie Jakarta vs Everybody: Jefri Nichol Masturbation

Hot Jakarta vs Everybody . Scene

Jefri Nichol, who plays Dom, has also done masturbation scenes, you know, guys. He is very deep into the role and the expression on his face really describes if he is very aroused.

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4. Hot Scenes in the Movie Jakarta vs Everybody: Jefri Nichol and Dea Panendra Involved in Bed Scene

Not only with Wulan Guritno, it turns out that Jefri Nichol also has to do a bed scene with a beautiful actress named Dea Panendra. Both of them are very deep into the role, so that the scene can be easily passed by Jefri and Dea.

5. Ganindra Bimo and Wulan Guritno also have sex scenes

Photo: Jakarta vs Everybody

Not to be outdone, the couple Radit (Ganindra Bimo) and Pinkan (Wulan Guritno) were also seen doing very exciting sex scenes. Coupled with the dimly lit room and the quiet atmosphere, this scene has become one of the favorite scenes for the audience.

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Those are some adult scenes that you can find in the movie Jakarta vs Everybody. Even though it presents a lot of adult scenes, overall this film has a very interesting storyline, because Jakarta vs Everybody will give you an idea of ​​the dark side of the capital city of Jakarta that many people don’t know about.