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El Cid Rise of Kingdoms: Best and Strongest RoK Talent

Hello RoK friends, this time we will discuss El Cid. Rise of Kingdoms commanders who specialize in leading archer-type troops. If you are an Archers player, just watch it.

El Cid is an Archer Legend Commander, versatile in the open field. His skills, both active and passive, are focused on upgrading Archer units during battle.

el cid rise of kingdoms wallpaper

Now let’s see further discussion about the best El Cid RoK talent tree build, and who are good commanders to duet with him in Rise of Kingdoms.

Tips for Playing El Cid Rise of Kingdoms

His main strength as an Archer commander is the increase he deals with every damage under his command, as we’ll say, a bit of everything (Defense + Attack + March Speed). El Cid’s role as a commander in the first and second game is pretty good.

El Cid is a versatile Archer commander in the open field, his running speed makes him a fast troop leader with a good choice of escaping or pursuing enemies.

He has extraordinary skills and talents that increase the units under his command, defense/defense power, and attack/attack tremendously.

The active skill has a strong disarmament buff which is ideal for dealing with enemies in the open field, in addition to dealing extra damage to Infantry units.

Best El Cid RoK Talent Build

Throughout this guide we will only focus on El Cid’s performance as a versatile commander in the open field, although some governors sometimes use this commander early in the game for Rally, not recommended because he does not have the talent or skills shown for the opposing Rally garrison.

Indonesia's best talent el cid skirt

El Cid as the commander of the open field already has an important skill, his “Famous Warrior” active skill is a unique ability in the game, causing direct damage to his enemy and in turn deactivating the enemy’s attack and active skill for 1 second, even if only slightly.

Timing was very effective when facing Infantry commanders, they were the weakest against Archers. This skill through our talents can reduce it to minimal reuse so that every Rage Regeneration attack is fast and El Cid uses his skill repeatedly effectively.

Combo Pair The Strongest El Cid RoK Commander Pair

El Cid – Hermann : Commander Archer from Epic tier, very good for F2P, has strong active skill and silence effect combined with El Cid we can use it perfectly in open field, silence-unarmed. Check: Hermann RoK.
El Cid – YSG : A commander like no other in Rise of Kingdoms, when Yi Seong-Gye is paired with El Cid, they become a terrifying duo. This is a combination of Damage per skill and damage per unit, besides El Cid provides strong defense and marching speed for his troops. What an amazing duo. Listen: Yi Seong-Gye RoK’s Best Talent.
El Cid – Kusunoki Masashige : A good Epic Archer commander, has AOE-based damage skills, in addition to benefiting city garrisons and increasing Archer attacks through essential skills. Read also: Kusunoki Masashige RoK.
El Cid – Cyrus The Great : Duo Archer Commander. Both specialize in archer units, but different release generations. The two will also complement each other when a duet. Listen: Best Cyrus RoK Talent.

How to Get Commander El Cid RoK

There are many ways to get El Cid in Rise of Kingdoms. First, you can take part in the MGE event in the middle of KvK Season 1 which is the El Cid edition.

It can also be through the Golden Key, yes, El Cid is a free RoK commander that can be obtained through the gold key aka Gold Key in Rise of Kingdoms.