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Easy Ways to Increase Higgs Domino Chips, Alms Capital!

How to Increase Higgs Domino Chips Alms Capital

In the Higgs Domino game, the chip is the main item sought by players. The reason, because these chips can be sold in the form of money.

That’s the reason why the Higgs Domino game is currently on the rise, because in addition to being entertaining, you can also earn money for snacks. However, of course getting chips from Higgs Domino is not easy, generally in slot games it’s just luck.

I suggest never try to play by buying chips, because it is a forbidden act. This time I will tell you tips so you can get lots of chips with just daily alms capital.

This method is quite successful for me, but of course you also need to rely on your playing skills to win easily. Well, if you can’t wait to know how, let’s see my review below.

Easy Ways to Increase Higgs Domino Chips Alms Capital

Some time ago Higgs Domino has released its latest update, where there are several new game modes that can be played by the audience.

Of the various newest game modes, there is one that is good for you to play to increase chips easily and quickly. The name of the game is Gin Rummy. This is the game mode I mean that you can play to get chips quickly.

Gin Rummy Higgs Dominoes

The reason is, because in this game mode we are only 1vs1 with other players, the automatic chance of winning is 50%. It’s different when playing other card game modes, because there are quite a lot of players that we have to deal with.

To play the game mode, you enter the Other menu. If you don’t find it, it means you have to update your Higgs Domino game to the latest version. Well, for how to play, below I will explain the tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks to Win Playing Gin Rummy

Ok, before getting into tips for playing Gin Rummy in this Higgs Domino game, the basic thing you need to know is that you will play stacking cards until you reach the lowest point.

So, each card will have its own value, starting from Ace to K. For an ace it is worth 1, then for a card whose value is according to the number, then for JQK it is worth 10.

Well, if you manage to arrange the cards either in an arrangement like 7 8 9 or 8 8 8 then you have succeeded in eliminating the numbers. Automatically the number value of the card you hold is getting less and less, when your overall card value is below 10, then you can finish the game.

The chips you get are calculated based on the number of remaining numbers your opponent has. The bigger the number, the more chips you get. Well below I will share some tips to win playing Gin Rummy.

1. Arrange Small Value Cards

Tips for Playing Gin Rummy Higgs Domino 1

The first tip is to arrange cards of small value. Yep, because arranging cards of small value will make you play safe so you don’t run out of chips easily.

That is, when your opponent happens to have a good card, then you will not lose a lot of chips if he closes. So, prioritize only small cards, unless there are indeed large cards that have the chance to be.

2. Collect Cards Near Each Other

Tips for playing Gin Rummy Higgs Domino 2

If you’ve ever played yoker or general, maybe you already understand a little what I mean in this second tip. Yep, you try to arrange cards that are close to each other.

The goal, so that it can be arranged quickly. For example, when you hold 7 and 8 Moringa then 8 love, then save the card. Because the odds are big, it can be a triple 8 or 7 8 9.

3. Pay attention to the Win Ratio and Number of Opponent Matches

Tips for playing Gin Rummy Higgs Domino 3

One of the most important things when playing Gin Rummy is to look at your opponent’s Win Ratio and Number of Matches. You can see by clicking on their profile. If the number of matches is large and the chances of winning are high, then you should change your opponent.

So, try to find an opponent with a few matches and a small winning percentage, because it indicates they don’t know how to play and have a great chance for you to win easily.

So, those are some tips to win playing Gin Rummy as a new game mode for Higgs Domino which can be an alternative for increasing chips easily with only daily alms. May be useful.