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Due to Scandal, These 6 Artists Are Banned from Attending the Oscars!

The following 5 Hollywood artists were apparently banned from attending the Oscars, you know, guys. The reasons were varied, some were involved in a legal case so the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) decided to forbid him from attending the event.

The Academy Awards is the most prestigious award night for all filmmakers in the world. In this event, there are many nominations and categories, where each nomination produces one winner who is entitled to take home an Oscar.

Well it turns out, there are several artists and actors who are prohibited from attending the event. Who is he? Here SPIN provides the info for you.

These 6 Artists Turn Out To Be Banned From Attending The Oscars, Here’s Why!

1. Carmine Caridi

Artist Banned Oscar
Photo: Daily Mail

Legendary actor Carmine Caridi became the first person to be blacklisted from the Oscars in 2004. The reason is because Carmine Caridi was caught spreading the film illegally. The films that he pirated are Something’s Gotta Give, The Last Samurai, Mystic River, Big Fish and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

2. Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski was banned from attending by AMPAS because he was found guilty of molestation and sexual relations with minors that had dragged his big name in 1977. The AMPAS party finally caught up to Roman Polanski’s case and finally Roman Polanski was expelled from the Oscars.

3. Artists Banned from the Oscars: Harvey Weinstein

Photo: Peeping moon

Harvey Weinstein is a producer who was caught in a sexual assault and harassment case in 2022. Unfortunately, the Oscars he had won were not taken. Instead, the Academy removed Harvey Weinstein’s name from its show.

4.Artists Banned from the Oscars: Bill Cosby

Next, there is Bill Cosby who was also blocked from the Oscars. The reason is because Cosby has sexually assaulted, drugged and attacked basketball players (2004), and sexually harassed a number of women. As a result of this case, Bill Cosby’s career collapsed instantly and was also banned from appearing at the Oscars.

5. Adam Kimmel

Adam Kimmel is famous for his expertise in making cinematography. However, his name was tarnished due to a series of cases of sexual harassment and assault against minors that had happened to him. Because of the disgusting background of the case, the Oscars decided to kick Kimmel from the show.

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6. Will Smith

Artist Banned Oscar
Photo: GOBankingRates

Most recently, there is veteran actor Will Smith who was sanctioned by the AMPAS, for recklessly slapping Chris Rock in the face during the Oscars 2022 awards night. After a meeting, Chris Rock was finally sentenced by AMPAS in the form of a ban from appearing at the Oscars for 10 years.

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Those are the 6 Hollywood artists who were banned from appearing at the Oscars award night. Do you think that the punishment they received from Oscar was commensurate with what they did? Or is it still lacking? Give your opinion in the comments column.