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Doctor Strange 2 Director Believes His Film Can Make Audience Hysterical!

Doctor Strange 2 director, Sam Raimi said if the film will be able to make the audience hysterical. Hmm, it looks like there will be an unexpected scene, guys.

Sam Raimi is a director who is famous for his wild ideas and imagination, so he is trusted to work on several hit films in hollywood, such as the Spider-Man trilogy, the sequel to Don’t Breathe, The Gift, Drag Me to Hell, Umma, and many more. many others.

Now, the veteran director is again trusted by Marvel Studios to work on his latest film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He also made sure that the film was ready to amaze the entire audience.

Doctor Strange 2 Director Ready to Make His Audience Hysterical!

In an interview conducted by Sam Raimi and Marvel, the director revealed that his latest film will make audiences scream and get what they want, not what they expect.

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“We want when fans see it they will scream this movie is cool. We want fans to get what they want, not what they expect,” Raimi said.

Because it takes the theme of the Multiverse, Doctor Strange 2 is believed to bring a magnificent storyline, thanks to the presence of the two strongest superheroes in the MCU (Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff) into one frame.

Director Doctor Strange 2
Photo: ScreenSpy

“This film must be made magnificent because not only this film will depict our universe, but other universes. It’s an incredible opportunity to bring these two most powerful superheroes together in one film.”

On the other hand, Benedict Wong, who plays the character of Wong, leaked that Doctor Strange 2 will present many new characters.

“I think all the viewers will be surprised. Multisemester really brings a lot of new characters,” said Wong.

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Please note, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will air in Indonesia on May 4, 2022. So, don’t miss it!