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Disturbingly, Genshin Impact Announces Two Beautiful New Characters For Version 2.7!

Disturbingly, Genshin Impact Announces Two Beautiful New Characters For Version 2.7!

Makes you confused ahead of version 2.6 of Genshin Impact, how could that not happen because two beautiful new characters were announced by Hoyoverse!

Indeed, from several previous patches the announcement of new characters will be notified ahead of the latest version.

Not just one like Ayato in yesterday’s version, but there are two new characters that will be presented by Genshin Impact.

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The leak is already there but it is not clear because it is not official yet. And this time it will definitely make you upset because the two new characters are beautiful.

New Character Genshin Impact 2.7

Like previous leaks, Genshin Impact usually announces characters that will be present in the next version (in this case 2.7). Instead of being curious, let’s just look at the appearance of these two characters.

Yelan Genshin Impact

Yelan Genshin Impact
source: FB Genshin Impact

First, there is Yelan who is rumored to be the newest 5-star character after Ayato and returns to have Hydro elements.

Her stature is beautiful and looks quite tall with good body proportions. The dominant color of her hair and clothes is blue according to her element.

This new character is also rumored to be armed with a Bow. It is interesting to wait for the presence of Bow users with Hydro elements.

Kuki Shinobu Genshin Impact

Kuki Shinobu Genshin Impact
source: FB Genshin Impact

Second there is Kuki Shinobu who will probably have a small stature, he serves as the vice chairman of the Arataki Gang so it is likely to be related to Itto.

His element is Electro and looks to be using a Sword weapon. It was interesting to wait because it was reported that he would be a good support for Itto.

This character will also be the newest 4-star character after Yun Jin was last present with Shenhe.

These two characters are almost certainly rumored to be filling Genshin Impact 2.7 with Yelan in the banner of the first phase and Kuki Shinobu will be in the banner of the second phase.

Further information will be updated if there are leaks of skills or banners that will be present later.

Do you guys see this so skip Ayato or is it still going gacha? Write in the comments column yes.

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