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Disney Melee Mania, MOBA Game Featuring Disney and Pixar Characters

Disney Melee Mania is a new MOBA game from Mighty Bear Studios, the creators of Butter Royale Apple Arcade. This game joins Apple Arcade’s catalog of over 225 games. Your favorite Disney and Pixar characters will battle it out in colorful three-on-three arena matches to become champions.

Disney Melee Mania launched with 12 characters, including Buzz Lightyear, Moana and Elsa, each equipped with three special abilities that relate to their character’s personality. This game has two modes, namely Team Rumble and Spotlight Dash. Team Rumble’s simple objective is to knock down your opponents and earn points. Spotlight Dash is a little more complicated. To earn points, you have to stand in various spotlights on the map, some of which move, making them even more valuable.

Disney Melee Mania will remind players of League of Legends (LoL), with multiple characters scrambling for objectives in a closed setting. It looks top-down, not side-on like Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros., another fighter with a variety of characters. Unlike LoL, which is a serious esport, Melee Mania is designed to be a fun experience that everyone in the family can enjoy together. The developers wanted to make the experience as close as possible, according to Mighty Bear Games. Shorter battle sessions (about five minutes each) and limited character abilities offer a simpler experience than other multiplayer online battle arena games.

Mighty Bear Games incorporates a social aspect into the game without compromising security. To gather your team or interact with other players, characters can release emotions to signal what they need during battle, without any other chat functionality. That way, parents don’t have to worry if their child plays alone.

“We wanted to avoid toxicity as much as we could when making games,” Chevalier said.

Disney Melee Mania supports third-party controllers and up to six players. The game features special in-app events attached to certain characters, where players can earn extra rewards, according to Chevalier. Plus, he says the game focuses on fun Disney and Pixar characters who aren’t always in the spotlight.

If you are interested in trying Disney Melee Mania, you can subscribe to Apple Arcade through the App Store for IDR 71 thousand per month.